Quality with laser proof

Quality assurance at VÖGELE

To ensure the consistently high quality of WIRTGEN GROUP products, all components must be manufactured to the exact millimeter. VÖFGELE relies on state-of-the-art laser scanning technology for quality assurance.

Monday, 8:30h at VÖGELE in Ludwigshafen. An employee from the quality assurance department holds a device in his hand that is reminiscent of a mixture of a scanner at the supermarket checkout and a fitness dumbbell. He points it at the component of a paver in front of him. Seconds later we can see how an exact image of the component is created on the monitor mounted above.

Philipp Neuber uses the 3D mobile phone scan to scan the components, which are then automatically converted into CAD models.

Joachim Müller (l.) and Philipp Neuber check whether the component and drawing exactly match.

However, the device in his hand is not a supermarket scanner, but the Handy Scan 700 - currently the most modern device of its kind on the market. VÖGELE has been using it successfully since mid-2017. Its functionality is as simple as it is ingenious. "The software of the device produces a high-resolution 3D model on the screen after the scan. This is extremely fast and is a real plus for our quality assurance," says Matthias Labes, Head of Quality Management at VÖGELE. In this way, the components supplied by VÖGELE are checked for exact fit.

Before the introduction of the mobile phone scan, quality assurance was carried out by an external service provider using the same procedure. The application of the test method in-house also brings considerable cost savings.

Once a part has been scanned, the 3D mesh created is compared with the CAD model. In this way, an exact comparison between the desired and actual state of the component can be made. This is particularly advantageous in series testing, should a whole batch have been produced faulty. The scan provides information about this and thus ensures that only perfectly manufactured components are used in production. Only by knowing the actual quality of the individual parts can we keep our quality promise to the customers of the WIRTGEN GROUP at all times - and we attach great importance to this.

Use in reverse engineering

Handy Scan is not only used in quality management. "The 3D scanning method also offers enormous potential for product optimization in the context of reverse engineering," says Matthias Labes.

With Handy Scan we can break completely new ground in quality assurance and development.
Matthias Labes, Head of Quality Management at VÖGELE

In reverse engineering, the structures and properties of an existing product are examined and finally extracted back into its design elements. A CAD model is created from the finished object - and this also works simply and uncomplicatedly via Handy Scan. Based on the data derived in this way, the products are continuously developed and optimized.

Both in quality management and engineering, Handy Scan represents a real step forward for us and the entire WIRTGEN GROUP and an increase in our profitability," says a delighted Matthias Labes. And we are already looking forward to tomorrow's products today.