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The WIRTGEN GROUP user magazine

Spectacular job site reports, new machines, technical articles, interviews with users and hints for routine operations: the RoadNews magazine is aimed at road construction professionals and fans all over the world. WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN use this forum to provide news stories about applications in crushing, screening, mixing, paving, compacting, milling and recycling on a regular basis. Just take a look inside!

RoadNews Edition No. 11

Feature Article:

Delivers 20 t of cold recycling mix every 5 minutes: the new KMA 240i cold recycling mixing plant from WIRTGEN

Other Topics:

  • WS 250 tractor-towed stabilizer with John Deere machine tractor mobilizes synergies
  • User feedback on the new MT 3000-3i Offset material feeder
  • Compactor with vibration crusher drum constructs a 15 m-high dam
  • New EVO2-generation jaw crushers and cone crushers
  • TBA 3000 delivers special mix for the “Sochi Autodrom”
  • Continuous asphalt production with the iNOVA series
  • ... And much more

RoadNews Archives

All issues of RoadNews at a glance. A brief summary of contents will help you find interesting reports published in past issues.

RoadNews 10

Close to our customers – the WIRTGEN GROUP’s value proposition places customers and users at the center of all our activities. Read about how our innovations optimize day-to-day activities on the job site. Examples include VÖGELE’s Dash 3 PowerFeeder, KLEEMANN’s control and overload systems, and the compact HAMM H 7i VIO compactor in use.

RoadNews 09

How can users and machines work together even better? What synergies do WIRTGEN GROUP plants deliver in asphalt production? How can software solutions support all those involved in the construction process? RoadNews issue 09 has a particular focus on teamwork, so among other things, we visited a mixing plant operator in the Swedish town of Furuby, accompanied a paving team in Wilhelmshaven (North Germany) and took a closer look at the “Mill Assist” assistance system.

RoadNews 08

In this issue, find out how WIRTGEN GROUP innovations launched at the Bauma trade fair impact on everyday operations. For example, the W 210 Fi large milling machine from WIRTGEN: milling machine operator Valentino Pivotto tested the machine during rehabilitation of the A31 in Northern Italy. Articles on HCQ Navigator and WITOS Paving Plus also enable you to join us on the “Digital Job Site”.

RoadNews 07

Smart technologies is the watchword. For instance, WIRTGEN’s new generation of large milling machines can boost the efficiency and quality of milling work and document daily milling output including consumption data and a site plan by means of Connected Milling. As of now, KLEEMANN crushing and screening plants can be equipped with the WITOS FleetView telematics solution.

RoadNews 06

The top feature of this edition of RoadNews describes WITOS FleetView: How a medium-sized enterprise is harnessing all the advantages of the WIRTGEN GROUP telematics solution.

RoadNews 05

The top feature of this edition of RoadNews covers the important topics of the future as automation and process optimization in road construction and processing technology.

RoadNews 04

The top feature of this edition of RoadNews covers construction and pavement rehabilitation projects on international airport runways. We are proud of the fact that technologies from the entire WIRTGEN GROUP so frequently play a prominent role in airport construction and runway rehabilitation projects all over the world.

RoadNews 03

This issue of RoadNews investigates a key question: how have the innovations we unveiled at Bauma 2016 been measuring up in practice? To answer this, we followed up the first projects tackled by our latest generation of plants and machinery, spoke to users and documented the result.

RoadNews 02

The world of road construction never ceases to impress. Edition 2 of RoadNews informs readers about the construction of the new Formula 1 track in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, and on technologies for the milling and recycling of asphalt roads. But machine technology from WIRTGEN GROUP machines are not only used for conventional road construction. The user magazine reports on special applications such as the paving of coloured asphalt in the landscaping sector, the filling of cavities between motorway safety barriers and the paving of a dragstrip designed for top speeds of over 500km/h in Norway.

Road News 01

This edition focuses on Bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany. And how could it be otherwise? The WIRTGEN GROUP once more presented a host of attractive novelties and pioneering technologies at the world’s biggest trade fair. This edition of RoadNews provides an overview of the latest innovations.


RoadNews Latin America

The WIRTGEN GROUP RoadNews magazine for the Latin America, Africa, SouthEast Asia and Oceania markets

We are looking forward to keeping you abreast of fascinating technologies and innovations. providing information about applications technology and reporting on exciting job sites around the world.

RoadNews Latin America 03

The Top Feature of this issue are:

  • A new era in mobile asphalt plants: New iNOVA Series from CIBER in operation
  • Great technology, great value for money: The new VÖGELE SUPER 1600 and SUPER 1603 pavers
  • Perfect evenness – Speedy installation: The new Big MultiPlex Ski sensor system from VÖGELE
  • Soil improvement has the edge over soil exchange: Soil stabilization with the WIRTGEN WR series

RoadNews Latin America Archives

All issues of RoadNews Latin America at a glance. A brief summary of contents will help you find interesting reports published in past issues.

RoadNews Latin America 02

The Top Feature of this issue are:

New CIBER iNOVA series of continuous mobile plants: Innovations create added value

Fired up and ready to go: First projects for the iNOVA 2000 in Australia, Mexico and Brazil

RoadNews Latin America 01

The Top Feature of this issue are:

CIBER UACF 17P2 asphalt plant: Construction of a new link in Santa Catarina.

Every drop counts: Combustion technology from CIBER ensures efficiency of asphalt production.



The magazine for customers, staff and friends of CIBER. All issues of USINA DE NOTÍCIAS at a glance. A brief summary of contents will help you find interesting reports published.

Usina de Notícias – Edition 32

Experts compare cutting tools
Recyclers reduce time of stabilization
Sustainable technology for warm foamed asphalt

Edition 32
Usina de Notícias – Edition 31

EXCELLENCE IN PAVING: Applications, technologies and equipments for high quality paving
CHILE: infrastructure for growth
BRAZIL: comparative tests in compacting rollers that confirm performance and economy
PERU: speed to increase paved roads and highways
“NEW JERSEY” BARRIERS: agile execution with quality and less cost

Edition 31
Usina de Notícias – Edition 30

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: investment in infrastructure and urban mobility
BRAZIL, ANÁPOLIS AIRBASE: precision for runaway leveling
OSCILLATION: compaction efficiency and quality
SOUTH AFRICA: Much Asphalt starts the production of rubberized asphalt

Edition 30
Usina de Notícias – Edition 29

Recycler at gypsum mine
Innovative techniques
Ciber arrives in Egypt

Edition 29
Usina de Notícias – Edition 28

Efficient Compaction
Market: Ciber's Asphalt plants are preferred by Uruguayans
Kleemann: World's largest mobile crushing project

Edition 28
Usina de Notícias – Edition 27

The advantages of cold recycling
Market: Venezuela investing in development
Infrastructure: BR-060 widened in Goiás

Edition 27
Usina de Notícias – Edition 26

Sustainability: Pavement recycling and its advantages
Zambia invests in urban works to modernize the roads of the country
Ciber asphalt plants are the choice of Australian companies

Edition 26
Usina de Notícias – Edition 25

Brazil: Guarulhos airport’s turn
Ciber asphalt plant arrives in Morocco
Wirtgen Group brings innovation to 2012 M&T Expo

Edition 25
Usina de Notícias – Edition 24

Paragominas: a new concept in mining
Public sector invests in recycling waste
Latin America: Colombia and Mexico invest in road building

Edition 24
Usina de Notícias – Edition 23

Year of Kleemann Brand in Brazil
Unifresa and FBS on IndyCar track
Innovation with Rubber Asphalt

Edition 23
Usina de Notícias – Edition 22

Pavement recycling in Brazil
Chile invests in infrastructure projects
Technology Days 2010 at new Kleemann plant

Edition 22
Usina de Notícias – Edition 21

African contractors working on airport construction sites
Asphalt nucleus used on dam: an unprecedented experience
Recycling: a consolidated trend in Brazil

Edition 21
Usina de Notícias – Edition 20

Infrastructure: Brazil in works.
Plant Kompakt wins awards in Brazil and abroad.
Latin America: Ecuador and Venezuela invest in infrastructure.

Edition 20
Usina de Notícias – Edition 19

Launch of new Kompakt series
M&T 2009 Ciber prepares new products
Africa:Plants operating on Argelian soil

Edition 19
Usina de Notícias – Edition 18

Technology: KMA 200 starts up operations in Brazil
Special: Technology to overcome adversities
Award: Ciber receives RS Export Award

Edition 18
Usina de Notícias – Edition 17

Technology: Advantages of the W 1000 L and W 1900
International: Ciber Plant in Trinidad and Tobago
Five decades of leadership

Edition 17
Usina de Notícias – Edition 16

Events: Good business in trade shows
Technology: Miners protect the environment
Plants work for the sustainability

Edition 16