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Benninghoven burners EVO JET

BENNINGHOVEN is a world market leader in burners for asphalt mixing plants and a manufacturer of multi-fuel burners with up to 4 fuels. The complete know-how and wealth of experience from over 70 years of burner competence support the development of unique burners with excellent properties.

Continuously rising energy costs and careful use of limited resources require innovative technologies and continuous further development. The burner type EVO JET was developed by the BENNINGHOVEN research team in practical application.

At the same time, the popular and proven user friendliness played an essential role in the development of the burner. The burner has a modular structure and is easily accessible.

To move the burner for maintenance purposes, it is set onto a corresponding chassis. Frequency converter technology allows the burner fan as well as the oil pump to operate in all control ranges, in perfect coordination. This means that only the actually requested consumption is used for drying in all performance ranges. The complete new development of the silencer combines noise reduction with improved combustion efficiency. This is achieved with the new positioning of the air intakes. The higher efficiency is due to the fact that the heat radiated by the face side of the drum is captured and the pre-heated air is guided to the burner. This means less energy is required for pre-heating the air. This helps to lower fuel costs. The burners from the EVO-JET series were developed for all fuels and have proven successful in practical application. The energy saving range is completed by the fact that BENNINGHOVEN already uses electric motors complying with the IE 2 (or IE 3) standard, which will become mandatory in the future.

Unique burners with excellent properties
  • Everything from one source – engineered + made in Germany
  • Modular design with good retrofit options
  • Compact and clearly structured design
  • Easy to maintain and reliable performance
  • Long service life, low wear
  • Highly efficient in terms of consumption (frequency-controlled)
  • Minimum pollutant emissions thanks to state-of-the-art control technology
  • Inspection openings on both sides
  • Movable burner for better access
  • Internal fan (exclusively fromBENNINGHOVEN)
  • Combination of in-house manufacturing and proven components from renowned manufacturers
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Multi-fuel burners

Independent, flexible, cost-efficient

Up to three fuels can be added to a burner, which dries and heats the base material and is designed as a single-fuel burner in its standard version. This turns the burner into a combination burner, which means that different variants of oil, natural gas, liquid gas and all gaseous substances (DME, etc.) available on the market, coal dust, BtL and wood dust can be combined as fuels.

> No plant downtime caused by lack of raw materials or delivery issues
> If the price of a fuel fluctuates, the cheapest fuel at the time can be selected.
> Flexible use of alternative fuels that allow for carbon-neutral drying

Tested quality

In-house testing procedures

> Function and safety checks
> Burner pre-configured before delivery
> Service and customer training courses (complete equipment on site)
> Testing of new developments (R&D)

The BENNINGHOVEN burner guarantee: 100 % final test

> Each burner that leaves the factory has run on the test rig, has undergone thorough testing and is preconfigured for the customer’s fuel(s).
> Mechanical, electrical and process testing

On the ball – and one step ahead

BENNINGHOVEN has a defined development process for burners. We engage in a continuous exchange with the customer regarding the ongoing progress.
Our customers also benefit from our close cooperation with institutes and authorities, which is reflected in our professional support for approval processes and smooth process implementation.

Use of state-of-the-art development tools

> CFD simulation – numerical simulation of the flow dynamics to derive recommended actions for optimising components and systems
> DEM simulation – particle simulation for plant and process optimisation
> System simulation to visualise and optimise complex interactions

Easy operation – strong performance

Intelligent control system

> High ease of operation
> Option for remote service for direct access to the burner control and diagnostics of individual signal inputs/outputs
> Monitoring of all control elements
> Frequency-controlled fan motor
> Air volume control using the fan speed control
> Monitoring of the firing program in accordance with the
> combined fuel – air control
> Output control with temperature sensor on the dryer drum discharge
> Advance availability check for parts and spares
> Prepared for mixed firing
> Implementation of additional fuel curves (characteristic curves)
> Smooth changes between curves (burner does not have to be shut down for changing the fuel)
> If gas is used as a fuel, expensive peaks can be avoided because the controller automatically switches to another fuel

Your service experts for a comprehensive plant solution

> Easy maintenance thanks to good accessibility and ergonomics of the burner
> High level of plant availability and reliability – no failures
> Conducted by trained qualified personnel
> Substantial process knowledge
> All key parts are carried in the service vehicle –avoiding repeated trips and additional cost
> State-of-the-art measuring equipment (emissions measurements)
> Optimisation of combustion through emissions measurement
> Adaptation of the burner curve to changed operating parameters (wetter/dryer material)
> Adaptation to different fuel qualities
> Analysis and elimination of fluctuations, reduced output and high consumption
> Documentation and maintenance record directly from the manufacturer

EVO JET fuels

Fuels: BtL | wood dust | liquid gas / natural gas | oil | coal dust

BENNINGHOVEN EVO JET multi-fuel burners enable the safe use of renewable and therefore future-proof energy sources.
Many markets are now preparing to exit from coal, while systems running on oil are also increasingly subject to tighter regulations and restrictions. With technologies from Benninghoven, plant owner can modernize their plants and safeguard the continued operation of their site.

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Sustainability by Benninghoven

Working more efficiently with sustainable and economical technologies is the challenge of today and tomorrow. Benninghoven offers a variety of innovative solutions for increasing sustainability in asphalt production.

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BENNINGHOVEN technologies

Asphalt production, recycling systems, combustion technology, control systems and bitumen technology – with BENNINGHOVEN technologies, every customer can find the right solution for their location, according to the specific requirements and conditions.

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