Wirtgen’s large milling machine W 195: German technology for the Indian market

At Excon 2017, Wirtgen will be presenting unveiling the latest highlight in its large milling machine range in India: the new W 195. Developed by experienced Wirtgen engineers, the W 195 marks the launch of a new performance class on the Indian market.

W 195: Advanced – Cold milling machine for economical applications

The two-meter front loader in a tried-and-tested design was developed for efficient milling operations. Equipped with a 410-KW, 15-l Cummins diesel engine, the large milling machine delivers enormous engine power yet still consumes less fuel per cubic meter of milled asphalt or concrete. While the engine automatically sets the working speed once the milling process has begun, it automatically enters idle mode when the milling process is complete. This not only reduces fuel consumption, but also considerably reduces the amount of noise emission generated.

What is more, with a multitude of new and valuable features, the W 195 dovetails with the established Wirtgen features to optimize the milling process, offer high flexibility in use and make operation of the milling machine considerably easier. The new large milling machine from Wirtgen is suitable for all milling operations typical of the two-meter-class.

LEVEL PRO PLUS: Ideal for leveling asphalt and concrete pavements

LEVEL PRO PLUS, the new leveling system developed by Wirtgen, has been completely integrated into the machine’s control system, where it ensures a precise, high-quality milled surface result thanks to its simple intuitive handling. The preset target milling depth is accurately controlled via robust displacement sensors located in the hydraulic cylinders which are mounted on the side plates. It is shown on the high-resolution LEVEL PRO PLUS color display.

The plug-and-play interface allows a wide array of additional sensors to be connected easily to the leveling system at any time. This enables extra options to be added as required, such as the optional multiplex system. In the multiplex system, for instance, three sensors on each side of the machine scan the height. The automatic leveling system factors all three measurements – collected on a reference line at a length of 8 m to ensure maximum surface evenness – into its analysis so that the preset target milling depth is met exactly, but any unevenness in the road surface is not copied. This is a highly effective way of leveling out longitudinal undulations. What is more, defined surface profiles can be created, such as specified cross slopes for draining off the rainwater. This allows the entire road structure to be rehabilitated if necessary.

Increasing milling performance at low operating costs

What is more, the new Delta 18 milling drum technology and three adjustable milling drum speeds also ensure high performance at low operating costs. With Delta 18, the W 195 achieves an even higher milling output due to the optimized arrangement of the cutting tools in the outer ring and the conveying and ejecting areas of the milling drum, while simultaneously reducing the cutting tool wear. The three selectable milling drum speeds deliver an optimum milling performance across a wide range of applications, with milling widths of 2,000 mm and milling depths up to 330 mm. Among other things, complete concrete pavements can be milled in layers up to 8 cm thickness. The high traction of Wirtgen’s large milling machine is ensured by the exceptionally robust crawler units fitted with large track pads.

Easy and economical operation

High daily production rates can be achieved thanks to an exceptionally simple and reliable operating concept. For example, the robust, easy-to-handle controls are arranged in a clear layout and in line with application requirements. The weatherproof control screen provides clear information on all relevant data and operational parameters.

Optimized weight and advanced machine technology ensure high flexibility in operation. The reduced machine weight for ease of transport combined with high engine performance combine to give the W 195 an efficient weight-to-performance ratio. Furthermore, the new Wirtgen milling machine is exceptionally cost-effective thanks to very low diesel consumption and tool use.

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