New compact pavers from VÖGELE

The SUPER 1000(i) and the SUPER 1003(i) represent the global market leader's recently introduced Classic Line. Equipped with the ErgoBasic operating concept, the two compact pavers boast simple handling and excellent value for money.

JOSEPH VÖGELE AG are extending their product portfolio with the addition of two new compact pavers. The newly launched SUPER 1000(i) tracked paver and its wheeled counterpart, the SUPER 1003(i), both meet the market demand for pavers which are easy to operate while offering particularly good value for money. Both models are ideal for small and medium-sized construction projects. The two compact pavers are the perfect candidates for municipal job sites, as well as for landscaping projects and the construction of small areas, laying down pavements cost-efficiently and to a high quality. What is more, as Classic Line machines, they are both equipped with the successful ErgoBasic operating concept.

Simple operation plus key functions

ErgoBasic was developed on the basis of the proven ErgoPlus operating system which is installed in VÖGELE's large pavers, but it was tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of Classic Line users. Equipped with ErgoBasic, the machines in this line are just as fast, precise and intuitive to operate as the Premium Line machines. However, ErgoBasic is confined to the essential and necessary basic functions: clearly structured function and status indicators ensure, for instance, that the operator always has complete control of the machine, even without a display. He can, for example, read off the filling level of the fuel tank directly and detect any error messages. ErgoBasic additionally offers glarefree backlighting for night-time jobs and simple steering by rotary controller or, in the case of wheeled models, by steering wheel. However, the additional features of the Premium Line such as the automated programs of AutoSet Plus or the PaveDock Assistant communication system are not available on these machines.

Comprised within the Classic Line, which has also been recently introduced, the new pavers are equipped with the easy-to-learn ErgoBasic operating concept.

Powerful machines with pave widths up to 3.9m

With their diesel engines, the pavers can achieve a rated output of 55.4kW. The engines of the i-machines, the SUPER 1000i and the SUPER 1003i, feature efficient gas after-treatment. They fulfil the strict European and US exhaust emissions standards. The engines of the SUPER 1000 und 1003 meet the requirements of the European Stage 3a and the US EPA Tier 3 without gas after-treatment. A 6x2 wheel drive is available for the wheeled version. The machine can also be configured as a 6x4 version on request. In this case, two front wheels have separate drives, as well as the two rear driven wheels. The maximum travel speed of the wheeled version comes to 20km/h. Perfect material logistics is guaranteed with a 10t material hopper and reversible conveyors with separate drives. The height of the augers can be adjusted, supporting convenient adaptation to different layer thicknesses. The pavers can be combined with the AB 340 Extending Screed with vibrators (V version) and with tamper and vibrators (TV version). As a result, pave widths of up to 3.9m can be achieved with ease.

Intuitive Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control

To go with the ErgoBasic operating concept, VÖGELE are also offering the Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control on their Classic Line pavers. It is completely integrated into the machine control system and therefore precisely tailored to the paver model concerned. Another winning feature of Niveltronic Basic is its particularly simple and intuitive handling. This means that even relatively inexperienced operators can quickly learn the correct way to operate the system. Paving true to line and level is thus guaranteed on any and all terrain.

The Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control is completely integrated into the machine’s control system and features particularly and simple and intuitive handling.

Each side of the screed is operated by a separate compact and exceedingly robust Niveltronic Basic remote control unit. This unit is easily removed from its magnetic brackets, giving the operator a large range of action so that he can always take up the optimum position for every paving job. A variety of VÖGELE sensors is available for Niveltronic Basic, in keeping with the machines' large and varied range of uses. It extends from a variable mechanical grade sensor to non-contacting sonic sensors and a laser receiver for surfacing areas.

Ludwigshafen / April 2019

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