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Service you can rely on

With our fast and professional on-site and workshop service, the WIRTGEN GROUP remains a reliable partner after you’ve completed your purchase. In addition, through our SmartService service agreements, you can also protect your investment and gain peace of mind thanks to our services that reduce your workload and allow you to fully concentrate on your daily business.

On-site service

We’re there where you need us and we always keep our promise to provide fast and straightforward on-site support at any time. The WIRTGEN GROUP’s on-site service is the right choice, even for the toughest issues!

Using state-of-the-art equipment and the necessary special-purpose tools, our service technicians will quickly get your machine back up and running again. WIRTGEN GROUP service also includes preventive system inspections to ensure reliable operation. The convenient locations of our worldwide subsidiaries and dealers mean we are never too far away and can help you quickly whenever you need us.

Benefits of our on-site service
  • CLOSE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Short response times by local service experts
  • WELL EQUIPPED: Fast diagnostics and troubleshooting using special-purpose tools
  • COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE: Expert technical support and professional application advice
  • GLOBALLY CONNECTED: On-site service team supported by the brand headquarters in Germany
  • PERFECTLY PREPARED: Service technicians receive regular training at the brand headquarters
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Workshop service

Repair, care and maintenance for your machines: The state-of-the-art workshops operated by our 55 subsidiaries and more than 150 dealers around the world offer the entire spectrum of reliable workshop services. Our regularly and highly trained local specialists provide workshop service at the same level of quality as our brand headquarters.

The services offered by our workshops include inspection, maintenance and overhauls, as well as machine repairs. In addition, the workshops also ensure that additional equipment is fitted properly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Thanks to continuous modernisation, high-quality special-purpose tools, diagnostic software for fault analysis and optimised work processes, we ensure your WIRTGEN GROUP machines are back up and running in the shortest possible time.

For optimum performance and a long service life, we replace wearing parts exclusively with WIRTGEN GROUP genuine spare parts.

The WIRTGEN GROUP’s workshop service – outstanding and rapid service provided around the world.
Benefits of our workshop service
  • CLOSE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: State-of-the-art workshops located across the globe
  • SPECIALISATION: Qualified, regularly trained specialists
  • QUALITY: Workshop service at production facility level
  • ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: Proper installation of upgrade packages
  • RELIABILITY: Use of genuine parts
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WIRTGEN GROUP SmartService service agreements

A comprehensive, ‘done-for-you’ package: through our tailor-made service agreements, we provide comprehensive service for the entire service life of your machines. WIRTGEN GROUP SmartService reduces your workload and allows you to fully focus on your daily business.


Service agreements: Tailored to your needs

With WIRTGEN GROUP SmartService, you can ensure that your perfectly maintained machinery is always available. The benefits of our service package include cost-effectiveness, reduced downtime, value preservation, convenience and safety.

And the best part is that we handle everything for you. We automatically provide all the services, including the necessary administrative and organisational tasks, to ensure that you never miss an inspection. Your WIRTGEN GROUP service makes it possible.

With WITOS FleetView, we also offer a telematics-based service that is second to none when it comes to prevention, responsiveness and efficiency.

WIRTGEN GROUP SmartService – because service is smart.
Your Benefits with service agreements
  • CONVENIENCE: Constant availability of a perfectly maintained fleet of machines
  • COST-EFFICIENCY: Excellent ROI thanks to lower operating costs
  • VALUE PRESERVATION: Higher resale value thanks to regularly documented maintenance intervals
  • SAFETY: Regular inspections for high machine safety standards
  • RELIABILITY: Use of genuine parts for a long machine service life
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