Sharing success.

Sharing success.

In its almost 110-year history, Hitthaller+Trixl Bauges. mbH in Leoben has developed into a special-ist in civil engineering and road construction, now recommending itself as a strong partner for su-pra-regional construction projects.

BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plant TBA 2000 with a 2 t mixer and a dual fuel burner with bitumen vapour afterburning

When master mason Johann Hitthaller founded the company in 1907, he could not have foreseen that it would develop over the decades to become a proficient and versatile construction service provider. Today, Hitthaller+Trixl is valued by customers and partners alike as an independent, suc-cess-driven company that is absolutely trustworthy and financially resilient. Alongside the headquar-ters in Leoben, it has branch offices in Graz, Kapfenberg, Linz, Trumau, Wels and Zirl. Peter Hitthaller, an engineer, master builder and, until 2012, the 3rd generation of the family to be a managing part-ner, now chairs the supervisory board of the company, where he maintains a promising balance be-tween tradition and modernity along with the some 640-strong workforce.

The company took a major step on the way to expanding its civil engineering expertise when, in 2004, it established an efficient asphalt and road construction department headed up by Josef Ulbing, an expert with a long track record in the industry. An existing asphalt mixing plant was ac-quired, to ensure that the company‘s own high quality standards were consistently maintained along the entire process chain.

The new line of business performed well, and, over the course of time, the vision of expanding the road construction business segment developed into the idea of erecting one of the most modern asphalt mixing plants in Austria. After three years in the pipeline, the project finally received the green light in August 2015 and was delivered within a few months in partnership with the experts from BENNINGHOVEN.

"Opting for BENNINGHOVEN was an easy decision for us, not just because of the quality of support but also in view of the quality of the plant components. The bottom line was that this package of-fered us the best possible price-performance ratio. We have of course been in contact with Wirtgen Austria for some time through the Vögele and Hamm brands, and we know the professional way in which the team goes about its work."

Wolfgang Steiner, Head of the Civil Engineering division at Hitthaller+Trixl

Complete project support from A — Z

In December 2015, work started on dismantling those parts of the old plant that were to be rebuilt by BENNINGHOVEN. What remained were the cold feed system, a bitumen tank and the storage silo. These components were integrated into the concept of the new plant. The new plant then came on stream as early as mid-April 2016. Josef Ulbing, Construction Manager for the Asphalt and Road Con-struction group at Hitthaller has this to say: “The inclusion of the existing components made the planning process rather complicated. But we were ably supported by BENNINGHOVEN all the way from submission of the bid through completion, and the collaboration was consistently construc-tive.“ To ensure the highest quality standards, Hitthaller invested in the very latest technologies, not least because they also wanted to take environmental concerns into account in all areas. Klaus Kohl, Head of Sales for BENNINGHOVEN at Wirtgen Österreich GmbH says: “The new asphalt mixing plant is a TBA 2000 from BENNINGHOVEN. Like Hitthaller+Trixel Baugesellschaft mbH, BENNINGHOVEN - founded in 1909 - can also look back on a long and rich tradition, having achieved technology leader-ship in the field of asphalt mixing plants over many decades. The TBA 2000 is configured with a 2-t mixer and a dual-fuel burner with bitumen-vapor afterburning. This technology is just as good for the environment as a particulary high-grade filtration unit. The possibility of adding RAP from Hitthaller's own road reclamation projects is another key aspect, with cold feeding making up as much as 30 % of the plant‘s output.“ Proudly he adds that the new asphalt mixing plant reduces emission by more than 50 % while simultaneously increasing output.

"The three loading silos and the possibility of direct loading mean that our logistics are fast and effi-cient"

Johannes Gmeiner (2nd from left), Managing Partner of Hitthaller+Trixl Baugesellschaft mbH

Johannes Gmeiner, Managing Partner of Hitthaller+Trixl, emphasizes the importance of this to the efficiency of the company: “This extensive investment in the very latest production technology now enables us to produce asphalt mix of every required quality, even for high-ranking road construction projects. Special thanks are to due Wolfgang Steiner and Josef Ulbing in this context. Together with Mr. Kohl of BENNINGHOVEN, they did a truly outstanding job of designing the plant right down to the tiniest detail and bringing it to completion without any major complications. For us, road construc-tion is a market of the future, so this investment represents an important step in safeguarding the continued independence of the company.“

The asphalt mix from the new plant is largely used for the company‘s own projects. However, its possible uses go beyond pure road construction, since Hitthaller+Trixl Baugesellschaft mbH can now also make optimum use of the synergies within the company. These extend from the design of their civil engineering, general contractor and property development projects through the routing of power and telecommunications cables to digging and installation work in municipal water and district heating pipeline construction.