WITOS Paving Materials

The mixing plant module

The number of mix trucks calculated by the planning and control module is linked to relevant data from the mixing plant. This information serves as a basis for calculating mix truck cycles and arrival times of material deliveries on the job site. This enables paving and compacting operations to be perfectly coordinated with material deliveries. The objective is to boost performance by means of precise daily planning and management.

In a move to make paper delivery notes superfluous, the mixing plant module has been given a convenient interface. It can be used to exchange data directly between the server at the asphalt mixing plant and that of WITOS Paving Plus. In other words, the system reliably documents how many mix trucks are transporting what quantity to the job site from which mixing plant.

The highlights
  • Display of actual material requirement to prevent excess production and surplus material
  • Just-in-time delivery of material to the job site by the mixing plant thanks to dynamically updated cycles for mix truck departures
  • Easier communication between the mixing plant and the job site, particularly in the event of deviations from the plan
  • Mixing plant supervisor receives information on delivery performances and quantities
  • Continuous display of paving progress as well as mix truck positions
  • Reduced number of mix trucks required for deliveries “free on site”
  • Immediate notification of the mixing plant supervisor in the event that a delivery is rejected due to poor material quality
  • Delivery notes can be recorded paper-free via a digital interface to the server at the mixing plant
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The transport module

Thanks to WITOS Paving, the paving team, site manager and mixing plant receive real-time information on the arrival of mix trucks at the job site throughout the construction phase.

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