AutoSet Basic

AutoSet Basic – Repositioning function

AutoSet Basic is especially helpful when the machine frequently has to be moved on the job site.

Simply pressing the “Execute” button hydraulically raises the augers, the hopper front and the deflectors in front of the crawler to the uppermost positions. The screed is moved into transport position. The conveyors are temporarily reversed, preventing mix from falling to the ground when the paver travels to the next work section on site.

Once the paver has been repositioned, pressing the “Execute” button again returns all systems to the previously stored working positions.

This ensures that no settings are lost when changing from paving to repositioning or transport. It also effectively prevents any damage to the machine.

AutoSet Plus

AutoSet Plus is available for the Universal and Highway Class machines of the Premium Line. In addition to the repositioning and transport function, paving programs can also be saved here.

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