WITOS FleetView - Big data for construction equipment

The Wirtgen Group supports fleet and service management for Wirtgen, Vögele, and Hamm equipment with the intelligent WITOS FleetView telematics system. WITOS Paving even optimizes paving processes in road construction.

WITOS Paving is Vögele’s solution for optimizing road construction processes.

In 2008, the number of things connected to the internet exceeded the number of people on Earth. The term Internet of Things was coined. By 2020, there will be 50 billion connected things.

And we are already connected with our “things” today – our cars, cell phones, and even refrigerators have embedded sensors, software, and network connections that allow us to stay connected in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of 15 years ago. This connectivity has led to massive amounts of data, and it not only affects everything we do as consumers, but is also impacting changes in the road construction sector. With WITOS, the Wirtgen Group’s customers benefit from the big data generated by Wirtgen Group equipment. The Wirtgen Group not only connects its customers with their construction equipment but also with their construction projects.

FleetView informs the user of the location and condition of the machines at any time and from anywhere.

WITOS FleetView

WITOS FleetView offers a wide range of features for managing the equipment fleet that can be used to increase the construction equipment’s degree of utilization and reduce fixed costs. Special emphasis was placed on an intuitive user interface and an efficient method of scheduling. From a technical perspective, WITOS Ready – a data communications package consisting of a Telematic Control Unit (TCU), an antenna, and a SIM card – is needed to use the system.

WITOS FleetView is the fleet management system’s core module. The entire fleet of licensed machines is listed in the fleet overview. The information provided includes all of the relevant master and operational data as well as the equipment’s current location and history.

The malfunction view displays a list of all of the errors reported by the machinery. In addition to the error code, the system records additional information about the possible cause so that specific corrective actions can be taken. Every incident is logged in the history view, and all of them can be accessed and viewed at any time during a machine’s entire life cycle.

The WITOS Paving mixing plant module ensures that construction sites are supplied dynamically on a just-in-time basis.

Customers Benefit from WITOS

Anti-tampering protection alerts the user as soon as a machine is not switched off after a defined period of time or is removed from the permitted area of operation. FleetView informs the user of the location and condition of the machines at any time and from anywhere. This means that the entire fleet of machines can be located with a single click and at a glance. Theft or vandalism are not only detected, stolen machines can also be found. The scheduling and planning processes are streamlined thanks to the precise location reports, eliminating unnecessary machine transports.

For example, WITOS users can see the water and fuel levels of their machines. In combination with the machine’s real-time location, refueling is easy to schedule and optimize. If different operators or drivers share a machine, they can easily find their machine via WITOS when coming back to work after the weekend, for example, and do so without disturbing their colleagues who have off.

By reviewing operational data such as engine loads and routes driven, customers can review, improve, or confirm that their project plans are on track. If necessary, additional machines and resources can be scheduled for specific jobs.

The WITOS Paving transport module calculates the expected arrival time of the mixing trucks based on real-time location data.

Increase Efficiency

WITOS FleetView simplifies the entire maintenance process and noticeably frees the user from tedious routine work during day-to-day operations. The detailed error messages provide the user with information for proactive maintenance as well as the means to directly contact Wirtgen Group locations or dealers. In addition, the system “reminds” the user of upcoming maintenance, allowing them to schedule service appointments in a timely manner and minimize downtime. The website provides access to maintenance documentation with just a few clicks.

WITOS can also be linked to a SmartService service agreement. Wirtgen Group service technicians can then access the equipment’s maintenance and repair data online, making maintenance work even more efficient. This improves response time and reduces downtime in the event of a machine failure.

The WITOS Paving job site module is the heart of efficient process management during the construction process.

WITOS Paving Optimizes Processes and Increases Quality

Increasing cost pressure and demands for higher paving quality and roads with a longer service life make it increasingly important to tap unused potential in the construction process. This is exactly where WITOS Paving comes in. The Vögele solution for process optimization and documentation improves planning and increases transparency, thereby facilitating a more targeted and rapid response to disruptions in the main asphalt paving processes.

WITOS Paving connects the mixers in the asphalt mixing facility, the truck drivers at the transport company, and the entire paving team on site with each other. The system provides planners and site managers with a comprehensive overview of the current construction project. Because all data is available in real time, everyone involved can react more quickly and effectively to deviations from planning and malfunctions.

And the best thing is that WITOS Paving is constantly learning – just like the construction companies that work with it. After completing a construction project, the projects can also be analyzed and documented with WITOS Paving, and the collected data can be used to gain insights that in turn can be used to improve future projects. As a result, working with WITOS Paving will significantly increase the overall profitability of road construction projects over the medium and long term.

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