F-series compact milling machines: high productivity meets sustainability

Wirtgen presents its new generation of F-series compact milling machines – the state-of-the-art W 100 F(i), W 120 F(i) and W 130 F(i) cold milling machines

Wirtgen presents a new generation of compact milling machines at Bauma 2022: the W 100 F(i), W 120 F(i) and W 130 F(i) cold milling machines. The three models have the industry’s most advanced technologies from the field-proven F-series of large milling machines on board. The new Wirtgen compact milling machines perform a wide range of milling applications with a focus on environmental friendliness and cost efficiency. A particular highlight, especially from the perspective of users: these are the first cold milling machines in the compact class that can be fitted with a fully-enclosed comfort cabin. This ensures even higher levels of safety, comfort and security.

Compact construction, high performance and efficient operations: the new Wirtgen F-series compact milling machines unite numerous advantages. Discover more in our video.

Three new F-series compact milling machines

Whether on motorways, rural highways, or in city centres – the compact dimensions and optimised machine weight for easy transportation make the high-performance compact milling machines from Wirtgen the ideal choice for a broad spectrum of construction scenarios. They deliver high productivity when removing surface layers and make easy work of completely removing surfaces on building lots of any size.

Front loading is a feature shared by all models of the new generation of compact milling machines. The maximum possible milling depth of 330 mm is also identical. What varies between the three new compact milling machines is the working width they offer. The W 100 F(i) mills to a width of 1.0 m, the W 120 F(i) to 1.2 m, and the W 130 F(i) to 1.3 m.

State-of-the-art Wirtgen large milling machine technology for the one-metre class

The advanced, industry-leading technologies of the Wirtgen W 100 F(i), W 120 F(i) and W 130 F(i) F-series compact milling machines include digital assistance systems such as MILL ASSIST, Wirtgen Performance Tracker (WPT) and the LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system.

The innovative MILL ASSIST machine control system ensures sustainability, efficient machine operation and high productivity. The Wirtgen Performance Tracker (WPT) information system enables clear and precise site documentation, which in turn allows fast and precise billing of the work performed after successful completion of a project. In combination with the intuitive operating concept, the state-of-the-art LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system enables efficient single-handed operation and consistently precise milling results.

Automatically efficient high-quality milling thanks to MILL ASSIST

Of all the innovative technologies, MILL ASSIST is the one that really does make the operator’s work much easier. In automatic mode, the innovative machine control system sets the most favourable balance between performance and operating costs. This increases milling performance while simultaneously reducing pick and diesel fuel consumption – which, in turn, also reduces carbon emissions.

MILL ASSIST automatically regulates the engine speed on the basis of a variety of parameters and the selected working strategy and simultaneously provides a wide range of usable milling drum speeds for an enormous spectrum of applications. The low speed range enables significant reductions in fuel consumption and pick wear. The upper speed range enables the achievement of an optimal milling pattern, even in the case of higher area performance rates. The operator can additionally select one of three operating strategies for each milling job: “ECO”, “performance-optimised” or “milling pattern quality”. This makes it possible, for example, to preset the required milling pattern quality incrementally from coarse to very fine at the press of a button.

Thanks to the ability to quickly exchange the FCS milling drums for milling with different pick spacings and working widths, the W 100 F(i), W 120 F(i) and W 130 F(i) compact milling machines from Wirtgen can also be rapidly reconfigured on-site when milling parameters have to be changed.

Wirtgen MILL ASSIST: The strategy presets (ECO, performance optimised and milling pattern quality) automatically assure efficient and sustainable machine operation with high productivity.

Precise levelling with LEVEL PRO ACTIVE

For the first time, the new W 100 F(i), W 120 F(i) and W 130 F(i) compact milling machines feature an integrated LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system from Wirtgen, a field-proven technology from the F-series large milling machines. All connected sensors and measured values are clearly displayed on the control panel and contribute to maximising the efficiency of working processes.

The system is fully integrated in the control system of the cold milling machines and, as essential machine functions are directly interconnected, provides a high degree of automation.

The first Wirtgen cold milling machines with environmentally friendly John Deere engine technology

The cutting edge engine technology fulfils the most stringent emission regulations, and compliance with EU Stage 5 / US Tier 4 final emission standards makes working with the new Wirtgen compact milling machines both efficient and sustainable. The design engineers from Wirtgen and John Deere have precisely tuned the torque characteristic of the 265 kW / 360 PS / 355 HP rated diesel engine to meet the specific needs of the cold milling process.

Wirtgen has also extended the range of usable engine speeds. It now extends from 1,200 rpm to 2,100 rpm, whereby sufficient torque is already delivered at an engine speed of 1,200 rpm. Maximum torque is delivered at engine speeds from 1,500 rpm. As a result, the machines consume significantly less fuel and correspondingly generate less CO₂, even at highest productivity levels and greater milling depths.

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State-Of-The-Art Control Centre, Also with an Enclosed Cabin

The newly developed operator’s platform of the new Wirtgen W 100 F(i), W 120 F(i), and W 130 F(i) compact milling machines is characterised by ergonomically designed control elements with high-quality haptics. In addition to the slender wasp waist of the machine, up to five on-board cameras provide an ideal overview of all important working areas. The new 5-inch control screen in the multifunctional armrest clearly displays all essential machine-relevant information. Located at the rear of the machine, the access ladder to the operator’s platform is fitted with an automatic height adjustment system. This enables the machine operator to easily and safely access the operator’s platform in all working situations.

A particular highlight of the new class of compact milling machines is an optional, fully-enclosed comfort cabin that sets entirely new standards in terms of ergonomics. The comfort cabin is available for the ‘i-version’ machines and protects the operator in all weather conditions – whether it’s windy, raining, sunny, hot, or cold. While the cabin air is cleaned by a filter system and temperature-controlled by automatic air-conditioning, a positive-pressure system stops dirt, dust, and hazardous substances getting into the operator’s workplace. Thanks to this, the comfort cabin is a low-fatigue workspace that promotes concentration on the job at hand.

It also makes communication easier: ambient noise levels inside the comfort cabin are so low that the operator can conveniently make hands-free phone calls and talk with the ground crew using a radio headset.

The same workplace comfort as on the large milling machines from Wirtgen: The W 100 F(i), W 120 F(i) and W 130 F(i) models are the first compact milling machines that can be ordered with a fully-enclosed comfort cabin.