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Are you looking for a used Wirtgen Group machine? Here’s where you can find exactly what you need. If you’re looking for Wirtgen cold milling machines, VÖGELE road pavers, Hamm compactors, Kleemann crushers or components for Benninghoven asphalt mixing plants, we are the specialists for used equipment and have the world’s largest range of used Wirtgen Group machines on offer.

Buying a used machine is always a matter of trust

Wirtgen Group customers can also place their trust in the expertise and reliability of a strong company group when purchasing used equipment. Our offers are absolutely transparent and provide detailed information about the condition of the machine – openly, honestly and without any catches. Thanks to the Wirtgen Group’s global network, finding the right machine is not only particularly easy and straightforward, but also coordinated across all national borders to ensure quick and uncomplicated access to our offers.

‘Customers can buy a premium used machine from us with the certainty that it will work reliably for years to come. On MachineFinder, our online platform, the information about the condition of every machine we show is absolutely truthful and transparent. There’s no chance of being sold a rotten apple, because buyers can be certain that we show everything they need to know about the machine, even without seeing it in reality.’

Torsten Huck, used equipment expert
Kleemann GmbH

Why buy directly from the Wirtgen Group? There are plenty of good reasons.

  • Transactions based on trust: every purchase is backed-up by the expertise and reliability of our strong brand.
  • Always happy to help and advise: our local subsidiaries and dealers are there to answer your queries and requests for information at any time – both before and after sales.
  • Absolute transparency: we check and assure the quality of all of our used machines. It’s clear that a used machine is no longer as good as new – so it’s all the more important to know exactly what you are buying. And this is why it is important to us to ensure transparency when describing the condition of each machine.
  • After sales: we are always there to answer your questions or help with the exchange of spare parts – also after you have bought your used machine. Spares and replacement parts for older models can be easily sourced and
  • Outstanding availability: thanks to our global network, we always have an extensive selection of used equipment – in your home country and abroad.

How to buy ‘new’ used equipment

A typical case study

Mr M. is the owner of a medium-sized construction company and has been working with a Wirtgen Group machine for several years. He has just been awarded a contract for a new project and, in the early stages of planning, feared that capacity bottlenecks could arise at peak times. An additional machine could solve the problem, but his limited budget doesn’t allow the purchase of a new machine and wouldn’t be an economically viable proposition, as a second machine would probably not be in use 100% of the time.

The solution for Mr M.? The purchase of a used Wirtgen Group machine at attractive terms that is not only quickly available, but also works reliably, and comes complete with a good after sales service package.

Searching the web soon makes it clear that the choice of used machines is immense. Mr M. faces a problem: how can he be certain that the machines being offered actually tick all the boxes on his list of needs?

When time is a critical factor

Contact your Wirtgen Group representative or take advantage of our online MachineFinder

Without further delay, Mr M. contacts his local Wirtgen Group representative, who he knows well, and has always been a great help to him whenever he needed assistance or advice. He immediately recommends Mr M. to try the Wirtgen Group MachineFinder. The online platform quickly finds the best offers of used machines available exclusively from Wirtgen Group brand headquarters, subsidiaries and dealers.

Mr M. can now search for his ‘new’ second-hand machine at leisure – without having to spend hours browsing through the offers of unknown third-party sellers. The machine descriptions with pictures and all relevant technical data are absolutely transparent and truthfully reflect the true condition and quality of each machine.

Mr M. soon finds what he needs. The fact that the machine is located abroad is no problem at all. Thanks to the Wirtgen Group’s global network, the purchase of the machine can be quickly and unbureaucratically organised, wherever in the world the machine may happen to be.

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‘We thoroughly check and test used machines before they are offered for sale, and, once they are sold, Wirtgen Group Customer Support offers exactly the same range of after sales services for your used machine as for all new machines. Customers can depend on us to provide spare parts or applications support for the used equipment they buy – wherever they are around the globe.’

Axel Fischer, used equipment expert
Joseph Vögele AG

Are you looking for a ‘new’ used Wirtgen Group machine? Let the MachineFinder help you.

Exclusive and transparent offers

In the Wirtgen Group MachineFinder, you will find only used machines and components offered for sale by our subsidiaries and dealers. The search function enables you to find a wide range of used Wirtgen Group machines in various product categories – together with photos and all important facts about the actual machines for sale (no generic pictures or details). As truthful communication is important to us, we stick to hard facts and describe the condition of the machine exactly as is – and how it will be on delivery. So unpleasant surprises are ruled out completely from the start.

Our subsidiaries and dealers will be pleased provide the information you need about the prices of used machines.

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Now it’s all up to you.

We wish you every success and years of satisfaction as the new owner of aWirtgen Groupused machine.

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