Green Product Innovations

A Focus on Green Product Development

Creating efficient and sustainable solutions is already our top priority during the development and design of all WIRTGEN GROUP products. WIRTGEN GROUP machines feature intelligent control systems and clever automatic functions to achieve maximum productivity with low fuel consumption and minimal emissions. Innovative technologies and machines proactively protect the environment – and our customers’ budgets.


The many individual measures included in the EcoPlus emissions reduction package help reduce consumption, lower emissions, and save money. Thanks to this technical innovation, it’s possible to cut fuel consumption by up to 25%. Above all, VÖGELE’s efficient and economical drive concept stands out due to its quiet operation in ECO mode.

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Effective Noise Reduction

Besides the crushing process, the aggregate is the main source of noise in mobile crushing plants. Most noise emissions are caused by the air flow, the cooler, and air turbulence in the area of the aggregate base. To the human ear, reducing noise by only three decibels is already perceived as cutting the sound level in half. Thanks to ergonomic acoustic protection flaps, noise emissions in KLEEMANN units can be reduced by 6 decibels.

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RAP Feed Rates of up to 90% + X

BENNINGHOVEN’s hot recycling process is environmentally friendly, future-proof, and a safe investment, making it possible to use up to 90% + x recycled material in asphalt production. For this purpose, the recycled material is heated indirectly using the counterflow method in a parallel drum, producing asphalt in a particularly environmentally friendly way.

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Power Hybrid

In the field of compaction technology, HAMM offers an innovative complete package in the form of its Power Hybrid drive, which delivers full (compaction) power while at the same time protecting the environment. The hybrid drive cuts fuel consumption by 15% and therefore reduces emissions. By adjusting the engine power, the drive system also emits less noise.

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WIRTGEN’s new large milling machines are a groundbreaking achievement on the path to digitalizing road construction. The F series models include the first intelligent assistance system MILL ASSIST. In automatic mode, MILL ASSIST selects the operating strategy with the ideal balance between performance and consumption. In this context, it reacts autonomously and dynamically to changing conditions, making the operator’s job easier. At the same time, it also improves machine performance and reduces CO₂ emissions, cutting tool wear, water consumption, and noise emissions.

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