Customer Support Part 9: Kleemann crusher jaw plates – ideal for every application

Customer Support Series Part 9:
Kleemann crusher jaw plates – ideal for every application

High crusher utilisation rates, precise fit, high productivity: Kleemann offers a wide range of ideal crusher jaw plates for every application

The matching of the crushing tools of jaw crushers to specific applications is decisive for guaranteeing good results, high productivity and low wear. A perfect combination of functionality, long service life and low operating costs is always the foremost consideration. Kleemann offers jaw plates for MOBICAT jaw crushers with a choice of tooth shapes that have been specially developed for crushing a wide range of different feed materials. Thanks to highest quality standards and perfect fit, genuine Kleemann crusher jaw plates manufactured from special hard manganese steel always deliver uncompromising performance and reliability.

In our video, Tobias Freihalter, jaw crusher specialist from Kleemann, takes a closer look at a number of examples from our jaw plate portfolio:

Kleemann crusher jaw plates: the shape of the teeth makes all the difference

Kleemann offers jaw plates for MOBICAT series jaw crushers with a choice of five different tooth shapes and, in part, different grades and hardnesses (18%, 20% and 24% manganese content).

  • RT-BITE = Regular teeth for low- to medium-abrasive natural stone, mixed rubble and recycling materials
  • FT-BITE = Flat teeth for abrasive natural stone
  • ST-BITE = Sharp teeth for rounded, less abrasive materials
  • MT-BITE = Multitype teeth for hard rock applications
  • WT-BITE = Wavy teeth for recycling and particularly cohesive materials

Recommended uses

‘The portfolio of crushing tools for our MOBICAT jaw crushers contains jaw plates with a range of different tooth shapes that enable our customers to choose exactly the right products for their specific applications. Various grades are available, depending on the jaw plate type. And, on certain sites, this makes a world of difference. Our latest development, the MT-BITE jaw plate, is designed primarily for use in hard rock crushing scenarios and has already been very well received by many of our customers. For example in Scandinavia, where we face the particular challenges of working with extremely hard feed materials. There, we achieved considerably higher crusher utilisation rates and lower operating costs than, for instance, with FT-BITE jaw plates. As we needed less force for crushing, the new jaw plates also helped our customers to cut their fuel consumption.’

Tobias Freihalter, specialist for jaw crushers at

Special applications? No problem at all!

Special applications, such as the crushing of extremely hard and highly abrasive rocks (for example granite and basalt), led to the development of the new MT-BITE jaw plates, which are distinguished by their sharp teeth and large tooth spacing. This leads to reduced loading on the crusher unit and an improvement in the discharge of the crushed material.

For applications in particularly hard and abrasive rocks: The tooth profile of the MT-BITE jaw plate.

Tolles Produkt

ST-BITE jaw plates are particularly suitable for the crushing of rounded, less abrasive stone (e.g. for crushing limestone and recycling brick rubble). Their sharp tooth profile guarantees high final grain quality. The jaw plate geometry guarantees good material-feed inside the crushing chamber. ST-BITE jaw plates are recommended for use with smaller gap settings of < 60 mm.

Ideal for the processing of softer and rounded feed materials: the tooth profile of the ST-BITE jaw plate.

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