Pioneer for recycling in Norway

Benninghoven RPP 4000 leads the way for climate-friendly asphalt production

For the new motorway section of the E39 between Mandal East and Kristiansand West, Velde Produksjon invested in an innovative RPP 4000 asphalt mixing plant, consciously focusing on high recycling rates and the reduction of emissions. The “green” technology is supported by the Enova state agency with an investment grant. Enova supports companies that use innovative, climate-friendly technologies and support their spread.

Mandal | Norway

The motorway section between Mandal and Kristiansand is part of a gigantic construction project for better access to the west coast of Norway. The new Benninghoven RPP 4000 plant is located directly at the Mandal Fjord in Brennevinsmyra and has its own jetty. Norway’s most innovative, environmentally friendly and modern asphalt mixing plant has been in operation since August 2021. Equipped with a recycling drum with a hot-gas generator using counterflow action, it allows for up to 100 % recycling material to be added while complying with the standard emission limits. A stroke of luck for the owner Velde Produksjon, as the new plant with these features is pioneering for the future of asphalt production in Norway and therefore particularly economical.

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RPP 4000 – recycling in Norway

“With innovation, curiosity and investments in modern technologies, Velde will ensure the most efficient and environmentally friendly production possible.”

Egil Velde, CEO Velde Industri AS

Velde and Benninghoven – trusting collaboration

The close business relationship between Velde and Benninghoven goes back as far as 2005. Velde has evolved from a medium-sized company into Norway’s second largest mixing plant owner – growth owed to the company’s own quarry in Sandnes and the processing of minerals. The installation of a Benninghoven plant at the Sandnes quarry provided a way into asphalt production, and only a short time later the company decided to purchase a second plant. In February 2019, Velde took over an existing asphalt mixing plant in Agder county – the ideal starting position for the Mandal–Kristiansand motorway job. This plant proved to be too small, though, and was to be replaced with a new plant in the same location. In their search for the optimum offer, Velde contacted their longstanding partner Benninghoven directly.

“We are investing in the best technology that we can find in terms of recycling and the environment. The quality assurance process during the entire production process is crucial.”

Egil Velde, CEO Velde Industri AS

Easy decision: The Benninghoven RPP 4000 is leading in recycling technology

Velde has set itself the goal of being a pioneer and reducing the carbon footprint of asphalt production with innovative technology. The Norwegians were immediately convinced by the RPP concept: Benninghoven plants of type RPP 4000 with hot-gas generator are the number one worldwide. No other plant allows for such high recycling rates and has such a reduced emissions output while providing top performance in terms of productivity and quality. Thanks to the detailed technical description from Benninghoven, Velde was able to secure the crucial support from Enova. Positive side effect: Thanks to the new Benninghoven recycling technology, which is pioneered by Velde in Norway with the RPP 4000, higher recycling rates will be feasible in future road construction.

Who is Enova?

The Enova state agency was founded in 2001 with the aim of driving the transition to more environmentally friendly consumption and sustainable production in the energy sector. The company has been affiliated with the Department for Climate And the Environment since 2018.

RPP 4000 – recycling in Norway
Proven and highly efficient: asphalt mixing plant owners appreciate the RPP 4000

An RPP 4000 is impressing people with its high recycling rates in southern Germany as well. Learn more about the Benninghoven plant at Knäble GmbH in Biberach here:

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How an RPP 4000 is built

Follow the installation of the plant in the video!

Special features of the plant:

  • Loading silo for stocking large quantities
  • Hot recycling (recycling drum using counterflow action with a hot-gas generator)
  • Cold recycling (multi-variable feed)
  • Housing for all hoppers
  • Wood dust burner, delivery middle of 2022
  • Reduced Ctot emissions compared to conventional systems
  • Dust collection system meets new emissions requirements
  • Low operating costs
  • Production capacity: 320 t/h
  • Silo capacity: 625 t

Record-time installation despite adverse conditions

Once the order was accepted in September 2020, everything happened very quickly. Due to the tight schedule for the motorway job, Velde was under great time pressure and was urging for fast implementation of the project. It took less than a year until the new plant was commissioned in August 2021, despite the less than ideal conditions. The coronavirus rules on quarantine, immigration restrictions, etc. changed almost on a weekly basis. In addition to this, the plant was installed in winter, with extreme weather conditions and a lot of snow. The space constraints for temporary storage of the components posed additional challenges for the team.

Despite adverse conditions: Benninghoven managed to get all hands on deck – both in-house and externally – to adhere to the scheduled deadline in August. A tour de force and proof of the good and reliable service that the experts from Wittlich and the local subsidiary can deliver as a team.

RPP 4000 with hot-gas generator technology

RPP 4000 with hot-gas generator technology: This is perfectly coordinated plant technology that guarantees high recycling rates while complying with low emissions limits. The hot-gas generator technology ensures that fresh asphaltic mixtures can consist of 100 % reclaimed asphalt – more than with any other recycling system on the market.

Learn more about this innovative technology from Steven Mac Nelly, Head of Development & Engineering at Benninghoven: