A man holds a component for the WPT retrofit in his hand

WPT – retrofitting for cold milling machines

Technology upgrade for automatic tracking of milling performance

The Wirtgen Performance Tracker now allows the precise assessment of machine efficiency with the aid of relayed job information. Already operational compact and large milling machines can now also be retrofitted with innovative performance tracking technology – and that in a remarkably short time. Thanks to smart hardware and software solutions, retrofitting can be completed within a single working day.

The innovative tool for precise, real-time documentation of work in progress

The innovative WPT – Wirtgen Performance Tracker is a comprehensive system for the measurement and documentation of the area performance achieved by cold milling machines. The tracking system uses a laser scanning to determine the cross-sectional profile to be milled. The area milling performance and milling volume are then precisely determined using GNSS positioning and other sensor systems. Users benefit from the continuous analysis and clearly structured presentation of the measured data. In this way, WPT delivers valuable information about ongoing construction projects in real-time. The panel on the operator’s platform shows the machine operator the milling data determined by the system. After completion of the milling work, an automatically generated report with all relevant performance and consumption data is emailed to the machine owner in Excel and PDF format.

The compact and easily integrable design of the system makes it possible to quickly and easily retrofit already operational machines.

Transparent tracking of milling performance

With the Performance Tracker, Wirtgen has developed a solution that, for the first time, makes it possible to precisely and reliably document the actual milling work performed in the course of a project. This brings enormous benefits for both operators and machine owners With regard to monitoring in the course of a milling job and as proof of performance after project completion, many users can now hardly imagine ever having worked without WPT.

Precise performance and consumption data for job planning

WPT also helps to make processes such as job costing and billing faster and less time-consuming. As a rule, these processes take much longer without the Performance Tracker, while, in contrast, WPT delivers the desired results on the same day. All relevant data are available and billing can take place only a very short time after completion of the work on the construction site.

And this saves time and money. Thanks to WPT, manual measurement is no longer necessary after completion of the milling work.

WPT enables an extremely precise assessment of machine efficiency on the basis of the relayed data and information:

  • Precise key performance indicators
    More precise job costing, exact performance and consumption data for job preparation, easier assessment of construction site efficiency
  • Measurable machine efficiency
    Transparent underlying data, easier comparison of efficiency within the machine fleet, easier selection of the most effective machine for the job
  • Precise information on project progress
    Display of important data on the operator’s platform, display of current milling progress in Operations Center Performance Monitoring, details of diesel fuel and pick consumption, display of current material volumes removed from the site (truckloads in tons), easier costing of follow-up projects
  • Valuable documentation
    Easily verifiable supplementary budget claims, manual measurements no longer required, accounting-relevant data available immediately after project completion, fast and time-saving job costing processes

STRABAG and SAT are retrofitting WPT

We are seeing increasing interest in retrofitting machines with WPT throughout the construction industry. For instance, STRABAG and SAT Straßensanierung GmbH, two members of the STRABAG SE company group, are already taking advantage of the benefits of Wirtgen technology. The European construction services provider is planning group-wide digitalisation of its existing fleet of cold milling machines to ensure that it is ready to take on all the challenges the future has in store. All new milling machines operated by STRABAG are therefore already fitted with Performance Tracker. A retrofitting programme for their existing machines has also already been initiated.

René Bordt’s team also uses the Performance Tracker. ‘It has already helped me to clear up a couple of misunderstandings here and there’, explains the Branch Manager at SAT Straßensanierung GmbH.

René Bordt, Branch Manager, SAT Straßensanierung GmbH

‘It has already helped me to clear up a couple of misunderstandings here and there.’

René Bordt, Branch Manager, SAT Straßensanierung GmbH, reporting on his experiences with the Performance Tracker.

Retrofitting on existing machines

In the past, the integration of WPT was offered as an optional extra when purchasing a new milling machine. Today, however, all compact and large milling machines can be retrofitted with the Performance Tracker at any time in a simple and uncomplicated process. The WPT system features precisely coordinated system components – a TCU (Telematic Control Unit), a receiver for GNSS satellite-based positioning and one or two laser scanners. In addition to this hardware, the full WPT package includes a comprehensive software suite, a licence for the use of GNSS data and authorisation for accessing the Wirtgen Group telematics system.

WPT is available for milling drum assemblies with milling widths from 1,000 mm.

Make optimum use of machine idle times for a retrofitting WPT

Ideally, retrofitting WPT can be carried out at times when operational demands on machines are not so high. This enables the optimised machines to make a fresh start in the new season. As retrofitting involves only relatively short machine downtimes, it can actually be performed at almost any other point in time. In general, the installation of WPT can be completed within the space of just one working day, which means that retrofitting can be carried out at relatively short notice.

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A quick and easy technology upgrade with enormous benefits for you. WPT enables extremely accurate assessment of your machine’s efficiency, the performance it delivers, and precise information on ongoing progress in the course of your project.

Symbolic graphic representation showing the WPT principle in somewhat more detail

WPT is now also available for WR series machines

The advantages of the Wirtgen Performance Tracker are now also available to users of WR series machines. In addition to recording all job-relevant parameters such as the working width and depth, a particular advantage is the precise documentation of the quantities of binding agent and water added during milling at each location and the registration of the cuts already mixed, including overlaps with adjacent cuts. WPT enables fast, precise, and time-saving job costing in combination with these models, too.