Electric screed heating

VÖGELE has put its faith in electric screed heating for decades. This extensive experience, in combination with continuous further development, means that VÖGELE screeds are now brought to temperature quickly and evenly.

Quick to reach temperature, efficient in operation

During paving, the intelligent generator management system ensures that regardless of engine speed, the generator output required for an optimum temperature of the full pave width is always available – whether the machine is being operated with or without bolt-on extensions. This reduces both the energy required and fuel consumption.

For an even surface structure

The heating elements of the screed heating work where heat is required: at the point of contact with the material. Maximum insulation of the heating elements of the screeds is towards the top, directing 100% of the heat to where it is required. The compacting systems (tamper and pressure bars) are rapidly and evenly heated from the inside by heating rods. In combination with the latest control technology, this means the entire heating capacity can be controlled automatically.

Heated up quickly and evenly

Short heating-up time, constant and even heating capacity: the heat pattern of a screed clearly shows the contribution made by electric screed heating to high paving quality.