Trainee Technology Days 2019 in Tirschenreuth

Lots of work for the trainees

There were exciting projects this year for the 67 trainees who met in Tirschenreuth at HAMM for the annual Technology Days. Three construction sites and several workshops were waiting for the WIRTGEN GROUP headquarters' trainees.

Training has always been a high priority within the WIRTGEN GROUP

Independent work and teamwork are part of the training concept. With the help of seven service technicians and twelve trainers, the trainees mastered three construction sites on their own within a short time.

One of the trainees' tasks was the installation of a new surface course for the steering test track at the HAMM factory site. VÖGELE's SUPER 1803-3i paved a total of 148 tonnes of asphalt over an area of 1,200 m² in demanding terrain. The asphalt surface was then compacted by HAMM's HD+ 120i.

The daily use of the inner courtyard caused damage to the surface course. WIRTGEN's W 50 Ri was to be used to repair this damage by precise milling. Afterwards the surface course was compacted with HAMM's HD 12+C36.

Last but not least, reinforced concrete blocks, that were created during the rebuilding of the drum plant, were to be crushed with KLEEMANN's MOBICAT MC 100.

It was a great event! The cross-plant work was a lot of fun and showed us once again that the WIRTGEN GROUP is a great employer!

Marc Heßler, trainee industrial mechanic in his 2nd year at WIRTGEN GmbH

Optimal use of synergies

The extensive work is optimally complemented by workshops for trainees and was generally well received. Whether it was practical driving training the HD+ 120i and HD 12 rollers, a course on vibration and oscillation or driving a remote-controlled single-drum compactor, the synergies within the WIRTGEN GROUP were experienced to the full and the bond and friendship between the sister plants WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN deepened.

Experiences that stay

After a short briefing by the service technicians, the trainees were able to compact the asphalt without any problems.

WIRTGEN's trainees were enthusiastic about the Technology Days. The next Technology Days will take place in Göppingen at KLEEMANN in 2020.

Once again our trainees were able to show what they can do. They have mastered their tasks in an exemplary manner and can be proud of their performance.

Boris Becker, Head of Training, WIRTGEN GmbH