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Rollers and soil compactors for asphalt construction and earthwork

HAMM AG is a company in the WIRTGEN GROUP, a global group of companies in the construction machine industry with five main plants in Germany, local production facilities in Brazil, China and India, and a worldwide sales and service network. A HAMM roller has already been exported to virtually every country in the world, and many customers are benefiting from the innovative and cost-effective solutions provided by the technology leader from Tirschenreuth.

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Within the WIRTGEN GROUP, HAMM AG is the specialist in road rollers and soil compactors for the asphalt construction and earthwork sectors. More than 1100 workers are employed at the site in Tirschenreuth. Machinery is produced here that is shipped across the world, and that not only complies with all currently applicable exhaust emission standards, but also offers a huge range of variants, options and locally sought-after equipment.

This ranges from tandem rollers between 1.5 and 14 t and compactors between 5 t and 25 t, right up to pneumatic tyre rollers with a working weight of between 8 and 28 t. In total, therefore, customers can choose from over 200 different machine types for a huge variety of applications in road construction and earthwork. This means that HAMM is able to offer the world's largest range in this product sector. In addition to the continual further development and new development of machinery, future-oriented compaction technologies, sustainable drive concepts and digital solutions for road construction are at the heart of HAMM's research and development.

HAMM product range

HAMM offers the global construction industry an extremely diverse product range, consisting of over 200 models between 1.5 and 25 t for earthwork, road construction and gardening and landscaping. The product range includes soil compactors, tandem rollers and pneumatic tyre rollers.

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HAMM technologies

Learn more about the technologies on offer from HAMM and how they can make a real difference to efficient, simple, high-quality compaction.

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An overview of the HAMM plant

Spanning an area of more than 350,000 m², HAMM has the world's most advanced roller factory. The assembly halls, production facilities and logistics centre are perfectly interlinked.

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Insights into HAMM's history

Since its foundation in 1878, HAMM has made a name for itself by no means only in Germany, but also worldwide as a manufacturer of rollers for road construction and earthwork.

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