A SUPER 1900-5-i surrounded by the slogans “User-friendly”, “Automated”, “Cost-efficient” and “Sustainable”

The “Dash 5” generation of pavers

New operator ergonomics. Faster set-up times. More automated processes. A more environmentally-friendly drive concept.

Discover the many benefits of “Dash 5” road pavers.


An ergonomic workstation supports optimum paving quality, so numerous optional features ensure maximum operating convenience.

Night-time photo of an operator using the Paver Access Control system

The VÖGELE Comfort Package contains a range of features which make work easier for those on site. These include the completely new Paver Access Control system (PAC) for easier commissioning.

A paver operator using the ErgoPlus 5 paver operator’s console

The pavers of the “Dash 5” generation are equipped with the new ErgoPlus 5 paver operator’s and screed operator’s consoles. ErgoPlus 5 supports the operator, is self-explanatory and easy to pick up, as it is based on the tried and tested operating concept.

Find out what makes the “Dash 5” paver so convenient and effective in operation.

User-friendly operation


Optimised for the digital job site, the “Dash 5” generation of pavers supports operators’ work, ensuring perfect paving.

Optimised processes everywhere on the paver and more ground covered in less time: find out more about the innovative features with which VÖGELE is simplifying road construction.

Process automation

Cost efficient

For more efficiency all over the job site

  • Save valuable time with reduced set-up times
  • High paving quality eliminates rework
  • Transport costs for external lighting are eliminated
  • Reduced commissioning time gets asphalt onto the road more quickly
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Find out here how to save more time for the important things and increase the cost efficiency of your job site with the “Dash 5” generation of pavers.

Cost efficiency


Improved EcoPlus and sophisticated drive technology reduce harmful emissions and noise to make the pavers sustainable in operation.

VÖGELE exploits these features for a more sustainable job site and to reduce the amount of fuel required.


VÖGELE road pavers

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