SUPER 800i Mini Class paver tackles a wide array of jobs

The everyday hero

Not every building project is on an impressive scale. In fact, the majority are small and unspectacular. For a lot of small to medium-sized contractors, routine work consists of minor jobs here and there: a short stretch of road to rehabilitate, a trench to mill and backfill. The challenge is to get quality results from the first centimetre on, frequently under difficult conditions, such as in confined, urban areas.

VÖGELE designed the SUPER 800i precisely to meet these criteria. Combining a high performance with compact dimensions, this tracked paver is one of the most popular road construction machines ever built.

When paired with the AB 220 TV Extending Screed, it can take on a remarkably wide range of pave widths from 0.5 to 3.5 m and even pave entire roads. These features make the SUPER 800i ideal for achieving a high level of machine utilization.

The practical advantage for backfilling trenches

Professional paving and compaction upwards of 50 cm

One of the winning features of the SUPER 800i is its ability to pave even the smallest surfaces with the highest quality results and to do it cost-efficiently. The AB 220 TV Extending Screed can handle pave widths starting at just 50 cm with the system for pave width reduction. Even trenches narrower than the screed’s basic width of 1.2 m can be backfilled with outstanding results – like here on a backfilling job in Denklingen, a town 80 km southwest of Munich in southern Germany, where the machine worked at a width ranging between 0.8 and 1.2 m.

The practical advantage of a rapid material feeding process

High flexibility in terms of mix supply and paving

In Nuremberg, Germany, a road had to be temporarily resurfaced after some sewer work, prior to an upcoming pavement reconstruction. On the one-day job, the SUPER 800i worked across a width of 3.4 m, close to its maximum pave width of 3.5 m. A key advantage came into play when feeding the Mini Class paver with mix: VÖGELE designed the 5.8 t material hopper with wide sides so that the SUPER 800i can be supplied by conventional mix lorries if space allows.

The practical advantage of user-oriented machine design

Safe and ergonomic operation with ErgoBasic

On its very first job, a brand-new SUPER 800i showed how an operating system designed to be intuitive and practical can accelerate construction projects: on the very first day, the paving team widened a road on the B19 motorway in Franconia, Germany – meeting the high quality requirements from the first metre on.

The reason: with the ErgoBasic operating system, the various functions are easy for operators to understand and master, while the control system gives them the reassurance that they have the machine and the screed under control at all times. The machine has a large console for the paver operator as well as remote controls for both screed operators, with which they can also work alongside the paver.

Practical advantage of high precompaction

AB 220 TV Extending Screed for top quality

Milling and backfilling a 160 m-long trench in record time: a WIRTGEN W 100i small milling machine, a VÖGELE SUPER 800i and a HAMM HD 10 CompactLine tandem roller breezed through a job in Bobingen, Germany.

Working at a width of 1 m, the contractor achieved high quality paving results because the SUPER 800i, combined with an AB 220 TV Extending Screed, can build a perfectly even surface that withstands high traffic loads for a long time. The tamper played a pivotal role here. VÖGELE worked to the same standards it applies to the screeds for its large SUPER pavers when developing and manufacturing this compacting system.

Highlights of the SUPER 800i
  • Max. laydown rate 300 t/h
  • Clearance width 1.4 m
  • The ideal option for highly confined job sites thanks to its compact dimensions
  • Wide range of paving applications from 0.5 to 3.5 m
  • Simple operation with the innovative and easy-to-grasp ErgoBasic operating concept
  • Outstanding view of the job site thanks to modern machine design
  • High level of precompaction with the AB 220 TV Extending Screed with tamper and vibrators
  • Several feed options with the asymmetrical material hopper
  • Positive tracking and precise steering due to traction drives in closed loops
  • Powerful and cost-efficient thanks to the 55.4 kW diesel engine and ECO mode
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