WR 240: The new generation of cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

The WR 240 stands for top quality on every job. With a 6-cylinder engine rated at up to 455 kW the WR 240 – one of three models of the new generation of Wirtgen cold recyclers and soil stabilizers – is not only extremely powerful, but also covers a correspondingly large range of applications.

Cold recycling and soil stabilization simplified. The WR 240/WR 240i stands out through higher performance, high efficiency and easy handling.

New standards in cold recycling and soil stabilization

With the world's largest range of recycler and soil stabilizer products, Wirtgen can offer exactly the right solution for every application. The WR 240/WR 240i is the fleet's allrounder and specialist for powerfully stabilizing large areas of insufficiently cohesive soil. In cold recycling, it demonstrates its prowess in reusing resources 100% when processing defective asphalt pavements. Numerous new features put it at the top of the class in terms of efficiency and economy. Machine output has been optimized by powerful motorization with high torque reserves while engine power is transmitted directly and effectively, benefiting its milling performance. Nine different rotor speeds guarantee optimum mixing performance, aided also by ultramodern computer-controlled metering technology with automatic monitoring to ensure exactly the right mix.

A spacious modern cabin with camera system and a driver's seat that can be turned through 90° ensure that the machine operator always has a clear all-round view of the machine and the job site. The cabin with large windows can be displaced beyond the right-hand edge of the machine, permitting a perfect and direct view of the milled edge. All-wheel steering and a separate steering angle on the rear axle ensure an extremely small turning radius permitting swift manoeuvring at the end of short passages and in confined spaces.

Intuitive operation for maximum performance

Technical improvements focus not only on driving comfort, but also on easy operation. As a result, the operator can now control all the main basic functions easily and conveniently via the highly responsive multi-functional joystick in the right-hand armrest. Automated processes, such as automatic lowering and raising of the milling and mixing rotor, the ergonomically designed workplace and the innovative reverse assist function, make life vastly more convenient for the operator and improve daily performance.

A small compact machine meets a powerhouse

With the WR 200/WR 200i Wirtgen offers a smaller version of the WR 240/WR 240i. It boasts nearly identical features for both cold recycling and soil stabilization. It shows off all its capabilities in these applications, specifically its maneuverability on small, tight construction sites. Furthermore, it requires no special transport permits and is therefore ideal for one-day jobs.

The WR 250 is the most heavy-duty machine of the new WR generation. This powerhouse is designed for stabilizing heavy, swampy soils and comes into its own on recycling and pulverization jobs, where it turns roadways up to 25 cm thick into homogenous granulate. What is new is the option of also operating the milling drum from the cabin, making it possible to flexibly activate a number of milling drum speeds. The milling drum design tailored to the WR 250’s high output helps to achieve outstanding mix quality at a high feed rate.


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