Highway Class SUPER pavers “designed for China”

With the new SUPER 2180 Li Classic Line paver and the SUPER 2180-3 Li Premium Line paver, VÖGELE is launching large pavers designed specifically for the requirements of customers and users in China. On the pattern of both the SUPER 1880 Li/SUPER 1880-3 Li and the SUPER 1680 Li/SUPER 1680-3 Li Universal Class pavers, the new Highway Class pavers are a further addition to the product portfolio.

The new pavers are designed for high daily outputs, starting with the engine which mobilises an output of 191 kW to provide the basis for high laydown rates of up to 1,100 t/h. The diesel engine is highly efficient and complies with current exhaust emissions standard NR4. In ECO mode, which is sufficient for many applications, rpm are reduced to 1,700 rpm, further reducing operating costs. The generously-sized cooler assembly also contributes to efficiency and simultaneously reduces noise. Like all VÖGELE Dash 3 pavers, the SUPER 2180-3 Li is furthermore equipped with the VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package which additionally reduces emissions and cuts fuel consumption by as much as 25%.

VÖGELE Highway Class pavers from the Wirtgen Group production facility in Langfang: the new SUPER 2180 Li (left) and the new SUPER 2180-3 Li (right) meet stringent requirements for the construction and rehabilitation of major roads and many other tasks.

Intuitive ErgoBasic and ErgoPlus 3 operating concepts

The new Highway Class pavers share the high quality standards of VÖGELE, but differ in terms of operation, scope of functions and screeds. The main difference: as a representative of the Classic Line, the new SUPER 2180 Li is equipped with the simplified ErgoBasic operating concept. The SUPER 2180-3 Li, on the other hand, uses the Dash 3-generation ErgoPlus 3 operating concept. Both operating concepts are particularly user-friendly, ergonomic and intuitive. ErgoPlus 3, however, provides an extended scope of functions, including numerous automatic functions which operators activate via a high-contrast display. These automatic functions, called AutoSet Plus, speed up work with the SUPER 2180-3 Li Dash 3 paver. AutoSet Plus allows storage of current paving parameters (for reliable repositioning, for example) as well as the creation of individual paving programs for rapid configuration of the machine.

Users also control the VÖGELE Systems for Automated Grade and Slope Control (Niveltronic Basic for theSUPER 2180 Li and Niveltronic Plus for theSUPER 2180-3 Li) at the paver operator’s console, ensuring a high level of paving precision at the touch of a button.

VÖGELE screeds deliver a high level of paving quality

As a Classic Line paver, the SUPER 2180 Li is used primarily for paving CTB and bitumen-bonded courses. In conjunction with the AB 570 Extending Screed, also new, pave width can be varied between 3 m and 5.7 m. Using bolt-on extensions, the SUPER 2180 Li can work at widths up to 8.7 m. The proven features of the AB 600 Extending Screed are also available to both pavers, facilitating pave widths up to 10 m. The maximum possible pave width of 13 m is achieved using the SB 300 Fixed-Width Screed. All screeds have effective electric heating and tamper and vibrators as compacting systems. The SB 300 HD “Heavy Duty” screed is also available specifically for processing abrasive materials such as CTB; this screed allows widths up to 10 m to be paved and then compacted with a tamper.

New Highway Class pavers are made for high laydown rates

In addition to engine and screed, other components, too, are designed to achieve high laydown rates. The crawler tracks ensure good traction on the roadbase and allow accurate steering with no jolts. The material hopper of both VÖGELE pavers has a capacity of 15 t, ensuring that the paver can be fed with material quickly and paving can continue uninterrupted. As with all VÖGELE pavers, material management is professionally organised, counteracts segregation and contributes to top paving quality.

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