Wirtgen’s new large milling machines W 195 and W 205: German technology for the Chinese market

With their latest highlights, the W 195 and the W 205, WIRTGEN have completed their new large milling machine series for the Asian market, which now comprises the two new models as well as the W 215.

W 195: Advanced – Cold milling machine for economical applications

The two-meter front loader in a tried-and-tested design was developed for efficient milling operations. Equipped with a 410 KW diesel engine, the large milling machine delivers enormous engine power yet still consumes less fuel per cubic meter of milled asphalt. With a multitude of new and valuable features, it dovetails with the established Wirtgen features to optimize the milling process, offer high flexibility in use and make operation of the milling machine considerably easier. The W 195 is suitable for all milling operations typical of the two-meter-class.

Maximum precision thanks to the leveling system

LEVEL PRO PLUS, the new leveling system developed by Wirtgen, has been completely integrated into the machine’s control system, where it ensures a precise, high-quality milled result thanks to its simple intuitive handling. The preset target milling depth is accurately controlled via robust displacement sensors located in the hydraulic cylinders which are mounted on the side plates. It is shown on the high-resolution LEVEL PRO PLUS color display. The plug-and-play interface allows a large choice of additional sensors to be connected easily to the leveling system at any time.

Easy and economical operation

High daily production rates can be achieved thanks to an exceptionally simple and reliable operating concept. For example, the robust, easy-to-handle controls are arranged in a clear pattern and in line with application requirements. The weatherproof control screen provides clear information on all relevant data and operational parameters.

Optimized weight and advanced machine technology ensure high flexibility in operation. The reduced machine weight for ease of transport combined with high engine performance leads to an efficient weight-to-performance ratio of the W 195. Furthermore, the new Wirtgen milling machine is exceptionally cost-effective thanks to low diesel consumption and tool use.

W 205: Performance – Cold milling machine offering high milling power

The two-meter cold milling machine W 205 impresses with high milling performance and professional supplementary equipment. This professional machine is equipped with a 455 KW diesel engine and caters to a wide range of applications from surface course rehabilitation all the way to full pavement removal.

Flexible Cutter System Light: Maximum range of applications

The Flexible Cutter System Light, or FCS Light for short, allows the use of different milling drums to increase flexibility and machine utilization. High capacity utilization is a key factor for the economic operation of large milling machines. It can be achieved particularly effectively if the cold milling machine is operated with a variety of milling drums, provided, of course, that the milling drums can be replaced quickly and easily.

With FCS Light, Wirtgen offers the optimum solution: milling drums with various tool spacings can be replaced in a short space of time. That makes it possible to perform a wide range of milling operations with one and the same machine. As a result, the W 205 is extremely versatile to use, covering everything from standard applications through fine milling for the creation of new, level road surfaces (ideally with the multiplex leveling system) to the use of ECO cutters for a particularly high area performance at low cost. This increases the capacity utilization of the W 205, boosting its economic efficiency in the process.

Increasing milling performance

What is more, the new Delta 18 milling drum technology and three adjustable milling drum speeds also ensure high performance at low operating costs. With Delta 18 the W 205 achieves an even higher milling output due to the optimized arrangement of the cutting tools in the outer ring and the conveying and ejecting areas of the milling drum, while simultaneously reducing the cutting tool wear. The three selectable milling drum speeds lead to an optimum milling performance across a wide range of applications with milling widths of 2.000 mm and milling depths up to 330 mm. High traction of Wirtgen’s large milling machine is ensured by the exceptionally robust track units fitted with large track pads.

W 215: Ultimate – Cold milling machine for professional applications

The W 215 is the top performer among the cold milling machines with maximum milling performance and high productivity in a broad scope of applications. More power equals more output equals faster work. This equation adds up thanks to innovations that enable customers to respond optimally to the different requirements on job sites. In this large milling machine they can call on an extra 25% of milling output. Equipped with a 470 KW diesel engine, the Wirtgen front loader delivers enormous engine power yet still consumes 15% less fuel per cubic meter of milled asphalt.

Furthermore, the W 215 impresses with a comprehensive range of Equipment including the VCS Vacuum Cutting System for good visibility and optimum working conditions, camera system, LED lights, milling drum turning device and last but not least with a set of levelling equipment.

Wirtgen LEVEL PRO PLUS: Large choice of sensors

The new LEVEL PRO PLUS enables a wide range of sensors to be used as standard equipment. Mechanical surface scanning, cross slope sensor, ultrasonic sensors or the Multiplex system ensure high precision levelling for a wide variety of different milling applications. In the multiplex system, for instance, three sensors on each side of the machine scan the height. The automatic leveling system factors all three measurements into its analysis so that the preset target milling depth is met exactly, but any unevenness in the road surface is not copied. This is a highly effective way of leveling out longitudinal undulations. What is more, defined surface profiles can be created, such as specified cross slopes on race tracks or crowns. This allows the entire road structure to be rehabilitated if necessary.


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