Paving a cement-treated base

Heavy duty – High load-bearing capacity

Two SUPER 1880 L pavers with Heavy-Duty kits made a good job of paving an abrasive cement-treated base course mix, creating the ideal conditions for ensuring that National Highway 107 in Xuchang stands up to heavy traffic for a long time to come.

Henan | Xuchang

In a megacity like Xuchang in Henan province, the infrastructure has to be designed for high efficiency. One project which contributes to this is the expansion of National Highway 107 in greater Xuchang, which involved constructing new road surfaces. The motorway, with a total width of up to 33.2m, is to help cope with the high traffic volumes in future. To achieve high and lasting quality along this stretch of road, the best equipment was used at every step, even to place the cement-treated base: the contractor, Tecfure Group working on behalf of the Xuchang Municipal Highway Bureau Construction Unit, chose to deploy two robust and reliable VÖGELE SUPER 1880 L tracked pavers. These multifunctional pavers for CTB and asphalt are very successful in China. This large-scale job site in Xuchang illustrates why that is:

the SUPER 1880 L had to pave the CTB over an area of no less than 1,494,000m².

Both the paving team and the WIRTGEN GROUP machines proved their team skills on the job in Xuchang. The VÖGELE pavers were followed by 2 type 325 and 3625 HT compactors with vibrating drums from HAMM.

30 days, 45km, two directions

“We really had a tight schedule on this job,” said Jia Chaoju, deputy general manager of the Xuchang Municipal Highway Bureau Construction Unit. “We had to pave the cement-treated base course over a 45km section in just 30 days. There was no question that everything had to work like clockwork on a job like this if we wanted to successfully reach our goal for this part of the overall project. Together with the Tecfure Group, we found a way to achieve our objective.” The Xuchang Municipal Highway Bureau Construction Unit didn’t leave anything to chance, and that includes job-site logistics: A total of 2 mixing plants and 16 lorries were used to supply the 2 SUPER 1880 L pavers with mix. But the VÖGELE pavers also made a key contribution to the achievement. “On this job site, we covered the entire length of the section with only 2 pavers. Such a feat is only possible when the equipment functions flawlessly. And considering the nature of cement-treated base, this is something you can't take for granted.”

“VÖGELE quality and performance simply are impressive. Both SUPER 1880 L pavers worked very efficiently despite the 40cm layer thickness.”

Luo Bingshen, General Manager

SUPER 1880 L with Heavy-Duty kit

The SUPER 1880 L meets all the prerequisites for high-quality CTB paving. The Heavy-Duty kit, with its sound design and proven performance, makes the leading VÖGELE equipment resistant, even to large-grain-size gravel; the CTB material in Xuchang had a grain size of up to 40mm. In addition to the paver, VÖGELE also designed the special screed to be highly robust. The SB 300 HDT Fixed-Width Screed – where "HD" stands for “Heavy-Duty” Kit and "T" for “tamper” – achieves an extremely high degree of density, even when paving CTB in thick layers, thanks to the special geometry of the tamper with its particularly flat planing angle.

This improves compaction as well as evenness when processing coarse material. With this machine technology, the paving teams were perfectly equipped to successfully complete construction work on National Highway 107. The pavers worked in echelon, i.e. with 2 SUPER 1880 L pavers operating alongside one another in a slightly staggered formation.

Hard work, high-quality results: SB 300 HDT Fixed-Width Screed

The extremely durable SB 300 HDT with Heavy-Duty kit is designed specifically for paving CTB and other non-bituminous mixes. The screed plates are extra deep to ensure outstanding floating behaviour. The tamper geometry, with a significantly smaller angle of just 30°, is optimally adapted to the demands of CTB paving. With these features, the SB 300 HDT achieves higher compaction values.

Tamper speed and stroke can be precisely adjusted and adapted to the volume of material, the type of mix and the layer thickness. The infinitely variable tamper speed can be regulated from the SUPER paver’s controls. A 2, 4 or 7mm stroke is ideal, depending on the layer thickness. The basic width is 3m, but can be expanded to 9.5m with extensions.

SUPER 1880 L ensures cost-effective CTB paving

When paving abrasive materials like CTB, a lot of contractors and users shy away from using premium machinery. Consequently, the cement-treated gravel frequently is spread by excavators, wheeled loaders or graders. But pavers have an advantage over these machines because they work continuously and therefore offer major cost-cutting potential. Particularly in China, where countless new roads are being built, it is critical for machine fleets to be equipped to meet the demands of CTB paving. And the multifunctional SUPER 1880 L paver delivers here, without compromising on the range of applications.

This tracked paver can just as effectively pave hot asphalt. To do so, the machine combines the best of two worlds: in addition to the Heavy-Duty kit and the screed in the HDT version, this Universal Class paver also incorporates the innovative highlights of its “big brother”, the SUPER 1880-3 L, which sets the standard for asphalt paving in China. Both VÖGELE Universal Class pavers have a 158kW diesel engine, electronically controlled separate hydraulic drives provided for each crawler track, an extra-long material hopper and a maximum laydown rate of 1,000t/h.

Heavy work, easy operation – Thanks to ErgoBasic

Having reliable control over the paving process prevents paving errors and delivers quality results. World market leader VÖGELE was driven by this conviction when it developed its ErgoBasic operating system. ErgoBasic sets high ergonomic standards for fatigue-free working, clear design and intuitive operation. In addition, the system’s details prove that VÖGELE engineers in China and at the brand headquarters in Germany know exactly what is important at job sites.

Among these practical details are the backlighting, which facilitates operation of the paver operator's and screed operator's consoles even in poor light conditions or at night, or the design of the push-buttons, which let operators feel when they have successfully pressed a button, without taking their eyes off the paving process or even when wearing work gloves. ErgoBasic is a real advantage, as confirmed by one of the paver operators Zhu Xiaodong, of Xuchang Tengfei Highway Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.: “I’m very happy with my VÖGELE paver. Partly because of ErgoBasic. The operating system is of simple design; I always feel in control in every situation.”

More on ErgoBasic
Resistant to mineral aggregate: The Heavy-Duty kit

Even in the standard version without the Heavy-Duty kit, VÖGELE pavers are extremely rugged and reliable, because all parts that come into contact with paving material are fabricated from highly durable steel. The bottom plates of the conveyors and the return pulleys for the conveyor chains are of highly wear-resistant design. All these features are standard at VÖGELE. But even so, a paver like the SUPER 1880 L, designed for high-volume construction projects with non-bituminous mixes, requires special equipment. The multifunctional paver gets support from a Heavy-Duty kit. In this configuration, the paver is tailored to roadbase applications. Reinforced guards for the conveyor tunnel and the chassis, as well as modified auger blades counteract wear.

Highlights of the SUPER 1880 L:
  • Great power, high efficiency: Dongfeng Cummins engine rated at 158kW
  • ErgoBasic operating concept: super-easy paver and screed operation and excellent view of the entire machine and job site
  • Heavy-Duty kit: reinforced guards for the conveyor tunnel and chassis, as well as modified auger blades counteract abrasive wear
  • SB 300 HDT Fixed-Width Screed: with Heavy-Duty kit and Heavy-Duty tamper – ideal for paving CTB – as well as electric screed heating for rapid warming of the screed plates when paving asphalt
  • Extra long, particularly low material hopper: for hitch-free feeding with all models of lorries currently used in China
  • Highest product quality for great reliability and durability
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SUPER 1880 L

Tracked paver Universal Class

Basic width 2.55 m
Pave width, max. 10 m
Maximum laydown rate 1,000 t/h
SB 300

Fixed-width screed

Basic width 3 m
Compacting systems TV, TP1, TP2
Pave width 2.00 m - 16.00 m