Kleemann Charity project

Doing something good for the community

Kleemann Employees have a barbecue for a good cause and donate to two local welfare services

The team from the Kleemann internal further development program "Kleemann Next Step" realised one of their very special ideas: In the course of an employee event, a generously rounded-up 1,500 euros was earned, which Kleemann handed over to two local welfare services.

Kleemann Employees working for a good cause

The convivial barbecue among the group of colleagues was held directly after the first works meeting for Kleemann over two years, which took place again live in the Werfthalle in Göppingen after the pandemic-related pause.

The donation-total of 1,500 euros was handed over by Kleemann in the framework of a visit from the two institutions "Aktion Rückenwind" and "Ambulanter Kinder– and Jugendhospizdienst" in the main factory in Göppingen. The "Aktion Rückenwind" is an initiative supported by several organisations who make children fit for everyday life. The "Ambulanter Kinder– und Jugendhospizdienst" is a service from the Order of Malta Volunteers (Malteser) in the administrative district of Göppingen that supports families with children and juveniles who have a life-shortening illness.