HAMM Compaction Book

Practical knowledge for compaction in asphalt construction and earthwork

The importance of high-quality compaction has been increasingly brought to the fore in recent years in expert groups. However, for optimum results, a wide range of issues need to be taken into consideration regarding the compaction process, for example:

  • Which material and environment-specific framework conditions must be taken into consideration?
  • Which machines and which compaction technologies are suitable for each application?
  • Which basic rules are in place for roller operators?

As a specialist in compaction in asphalt construction and earthwork, HAMM AG is using this guide to offer competent answers to these and other questions, based on decades of practical experience.


The Compaction Book is a practical reference work for customers, users and interested third parties. It is available in 2 languages: English and German.

Read the excerpt for a taster.

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