WIRTGEN GROUP Telematics solution

Simplified fleet management with WITOS FleetView

Security and planning assistance. The WITOS FleetView telematics system from the WIRTGEN GROUP makes fleet management and service management of your WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM and KLEEMANN machines easier.

Thanks to system-supported preparation, transmission, visualisation and evaluation of machine and position data, your processes become even more efficient.

The WITOS FleetView fleet management system offers a wide range of features, from systematically monitoring the operating status of your machines on a daily basis to supporting maintenance and diagnostic processes. This minimises response times and downtimes and optimises maintenance work.

Furthermore, the WITOS FMI (fleet management interface) allows you to import data into existing systems. WITOS FMI uses a standardised server-to-server interface for this purpose.

The SmartService inspection and maintenance agreements, which are drawn up to meet the specific requirements of each machine, also perfectly complement the capabilities of our WITOS FleetView fleet management system – such as through qualified maintenance, services to minimise downtime and the systematic documentation of all implemented measures. With WITOS FleetView, you can keep track of where your machines are and what operating mode they are in – at any time and from any location. Respond early to upcoming maintenance work in order to ensure that your machines retain their value over the long term.

The WIRTGEN GROUP’s telematics and on-site solutions are only available in select countries. The data transmitted depends on the machine’s serial number.

Your benefits with the WITOS FleetView Telematics solution

  • FLEET OVERVIEW: View information about machine operating modes at any time and from any location
  • LESS WORK: Optimised scheduling and planning processes to avoid unnecessary transports
  • TRANSPARENCY: Simplified maintenance through detailed analyses of machine operating and usage patterns
  • FAST: Short response times in the event of malfunctions
  • EFFICIENCY: Minimisation of downtimes through optimised scheduling of service appointments
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WITOS process management and documentation

Construction machinery from WIRTGEN, VÖGELE and HAMM use intelligent software solutions to optimise processes and increase quality in road construction. This makes it possible to increase and document the quality of paving and compaction as well as milling performance.

WITOS Paving

Comprehensive process optimization, simple documentation or monitoring paving temperature – with WITOS Paving Plus, WITOS Paving Docu and RoadScan, VÖGELE offers suitable digital solutions for every requirement.

View WITOS Paving


With WITOS HCQ, you can now track your compaction progress remotely and in real time. View key information, manage processes and make decisions based on qualified data without being on site.



With the PERFORMANCE TRACKER (WPT), it is now, for the first time, possible to accurately and reliably document actual milling work performed. Furthermore, the WITOS telematics solution’s infrastructure ensures that information always flows smoothly between the machine, the operator, the service workshop and the scheduling office.

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