D + H Verwertung place their trust in three mobile screening and crushing plants from Kleemann

Since 1996, D + H Verwertung GmbH has been active in the waste management industry and concentrates on the processing of rubble, composite soil and mixed construction waste. Several hundred tons of residual construction materials arrive on the company premises every day. In order to handle the good order situation, in the last few months D + H Verwertung GmbH acquired three new crushing and screening plants from Kleemann.

In November 2016, the Wirtgen Group subsidiary in Windhagen provided D + H Verwertung GmbH with a mobile jaw crusher MC 110 Z EVO as a demonstration plant. "In this manner, we were able to operate the Kleemann jaw crusher parallel to our previous crushing plant and determined that the MC 110 Z EVO performed significantly higher although the jaw crusher is actually smaller", said Manfred Grünberg, Managing Director of D + H Verwertung GmbH. The acquisition of the MC 110 Z EVO was then an easy decision for D + H because the jaw crushing plant is not only more robust in comparison but, thanks to an independent double-deck prescreen, also provides effective prescreening. Together with the Kleemann material flow concept CFS, this guarantees a higher product quality and a higher output. Operation of the plant is easy for the operators via the integrated touch panel in the control cabinet as well as remote control.

Grünberg's assessment of service and support by the Wirtgen Group subsidiary in Windhagen was also positive. A few weeks later Christoph Obalski, a member of the sales team of Wirtgen Group, was on site again when the acquisition of a screening plant was being discussed. In January 2017, the MOBISCREEN MS 21 Z was already put into operation at D + H as a demonstration plant. This plant also had a higher performance in comparison with the previous screening plant combined with improved fractioning of the recycling material. As a result of the high performance, a second MS 21 Z was already in operation by March. "Thanks to all-round work platforms, the screen decks are easily accessible and can be quickly readjusted by operators", says Thomas Verhuven, site manager at D + H. Both plants can be operated very quietly, which facilitates the authorisation process.

D + H now uses two scalping screens of type MOBISCREEN MS 21 Z for the processing of residual construction materials.

Depending on the order situation, around 500 – 3,000 tons of residual construction materials, such as rubble and rubble mixed with soil, arrive on the company premises every day via two weighbridges. If the material is screenable, it is loaded onto one of the two screens for coarse elements MS 21 Z. The two screens differ only on account of their screen surfaces. One plant uses a finger screen surface to screen predominantly cohesive feed material and creates three fractions of 0-30 mm, 30-75 mm and 75-x mm. The second plant is provided with a punched plate and screens sandier material into grain sizes of 0-18, 18-50 and 50-x mm. The stone-free and unmixed material is then transported order-based for further recycling.

High output, simple operation and low fuel consumption of the robust MC 110 Z EVO impressed D + H.

On the other hand, the screened out oversize grain is directly further processed with the MC 110 Z EVO, which crushes the material to 0-45. Integrated hopper extensions on the feed hopper facilitate loading. To guarantee an exact final grain size, the material is screened by a downstream classifying screen and washed in a float-sink process. Via the conveyor belt, the material is then discharged onto a stockpile and the oversize grain is guided back via the oversize grain returning system to the MC 110 Z EVO. The RCL Recyclat 0-45 is used by the customers of D + H for road subgrade, filling work or path construction.