Bitumen technologies


Rising operating costs required innovative solutions: Decades of experience, research and development in bitumen storage have resulted in the design of storage tanks and the associated equipment. Maximum operating reliability, low operating costs and minimum energy consumption are the targets achieved by this development.

Bitumen is the main component of asphalt and therefore indispensable. Quality and availability consequently play an important role.
Bitumen storage

Bitumen tanks with different volume capacities, electrically heated and insulated, are used for storing the hot bitumen, or one of the main components of the asphalt. These are available as single-chamber or multiple-chamber tanks. For storing polymer modified bitumen, the tanks can be equipped with an additional agitator or mixing nozzle.

The tanks are developed, designed and manufactured in-house at BENNINGHOVEN.

The bitumen system, i.e. tanks and piping, are adapted to the optimum supply for the asphalt mixing plant, whether through the convenient central control from the control cabin or the completely separate additional dosing of special bitumen, such as clear bitumen. Our technological leadership for asphalt mixing plants comprises the complete know-how, including the area of bitumen systems.

Sustainability by Benninghoven

Working more efficiently with sustainable and economical technologies is the challenge of today and tomorrow. Benninghoven offers a variety of innovative solutions for increasing sustainability in asphalt production.

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