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The FORUM magazine is the mirror of our global group of companies with their strong brands WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN. Join us regularly to have a look behind the scenes at the WIRTGEN GROUP, and learn all that you’ve ever wanted to know about our group of companies and their innovative technologies.

FORUM Issue No. 60 (December 2020)

It isn’t just FORUM celebrating its 60th issue – WIRTGEN is also turning 60 in 2021. Progress from experience is the title of the magazine. In addition to our own history, this issue explores the topics of sustainability and progress.

  • 660 Years of Road Construction Experience
    The basis for the WIRTGEN GROUP’s success is a continuous development process that stretches far back into the past. Time to take a look back and a look ahead.
  • In Harmony with Nature
    The WIRTGEN GROUP is committed to a sustainable material cycle and makes sustainability a focus of all of its corporate processes.
  • News from around the WIRTGEN GROUP
    From two world records and a recycling powerhouse to the new fan store, the news pages will keep you up to date on everything going on at the WIRTGEN GROUP.
  • Expertise
    Part 6 of the Customer Support series highlights our customized service agreements.


In addition to status reports on the COVID-19 pandemic, this issue focuses on innovations, progress, and digitization across the WIRTGEN GROUP.

Thinking forward: An interview with Domenic G. Ruccolo on the current situation in the era of COVID-19.
WIRTGEN GROUP telematics solutions: connected, automated, transparent.
Is digital agriculture paving the way for road construction? An interview with Torsten Kreutzer, Project Manager Construction Execution Systems.
CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 in Las Vegas: The WIRTGEN GROUP’s trade show booth at the event was focused on “Innovation. Performance. Partners.”
World of Concrete 2020: World premiere of the WPS 62i placer/spreader
Forward! News from across the WIRTGEN GROUP during the first half of the year.
Expertise Part 5 of our Customer Support series provides a look at the WIRTGEN GROUP training centers.

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This issue will focus on sales success with HAMM and KLEEMANN and the introduction of John Deere graders into the European market.

Crushing It: Kleemann is growing rapidly worldwide.
Earthworks Gaining Ground: Hamm compactors are in high demand across the globe.
Synergy Days: Launch of John Deere motor graders in Germany and France.
Building the future together: The CEO of the WIRTGEN GROUP reviews the fiscal year and provides a look ahead.
The Best Terms and Conditions Worldwide: In addition to best-in-class machines, the WIRTGEN GROUP also offers the right financing solution.
Hot off the Press! The latest news from around the WIRTGEN GROUP.
Expertise Part 4 of our Customer Support series introduces our application consulting.

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This edition is completely focused on our Bauma appearance.
Innovative: The WIRTGEN GROUP at Bauma.
Specialized: The technology centers demonstrated how specialization gives our product brands a technological edge.
Reliable: Customer support ensures long-term success for customers.
Partnership: The trade show stand reflected how close the WIRTGEN GROUP is to its customers.
Big stage: The trainees at the "Think Big!" stand inspire young people to take up technical careers.

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FORUM 56 reveals how the WIRTGEN GROUP’s product brands work together and the synergies that can be achieved.
Strengthening the Foundation: Soil stabilization and compaction create the foundation for long-lasting roads and buildings.
Fast and Effective: Surface layer restoration – a suitable maintenance measure.
A Streamlined Solution: Paving thin layers hot is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.
Green Road Rehabilitation: Recycling is becoming increasingly popular in road rehabilitation.
The Asphalt Cycle: Processing recycled asphalt conserves resources.
Getting Closer to Customers: WIRTGEN continues to expand its service infrastructure

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FORUM 55 will show you that sustainability is one of the WIRTGEN GROUP’s core principles.
Green Elements: Environmentally friendly production at our main facilities.
Reliable Partnerships: Supplier management evaluates quality.
Power Hybrid: An environmentally friendly solution from Hamm.
Cold, Hot, Sustainable: Optimized value stream at KLEEMANN
Commitment: John Deere 2022 Sustainability Goals.
A Passion for Real Progress: Interview with CEO Domenic G. Ruccolo
A Perfect Fit: Part 2 of our Customer Support series introduces our spare parts service.
Big Data: Wirtgen Group Telematics and On-Site Solutions.
Road Technology Days: Around 4,000 visitors experience the latest technologies.

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FORUM 54 – This edition takes you on a tour of the WIRTGEN GROUP plants - where quality originates.
All the right moves Maximum vertical integration at brand headquarters in Windhagen
All the right moves: Optimized processes in road paver production
Project 12,000: HAMM expands production capacity
More space for quality: Optimized value stream at KLEEMANN
Training for the new factory: BENNINGHOVEN introduces Lean Management.
Laying the perfect foundation:BENNINGHOVEN introduces lean management.
Staying power: CIBER‘s innovative technologies for Latin America
Series production of new models in China: Series production of new models in China
Precision planning: Top WIRTGEN GROUP standards in India

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FORUM 53 – This special edition is dedicated entirely to the integration of the WIRTGEN GROUP into John Deere.
Insight: Interview with Jürgen and Stefan Wirtgen
Successful business performance: The WIRTGEN GROUP in figures
The WIRTGEN GROUP worldwide: Investments in the brand headquarters, local production sites and the sales and service network
Advancing into the future with continuity: The proven management team of the WIRTGEN GROUP
In conversation with John Deere: Interview with Max A. Guinn and Domenic G. Ruccolo
Our roots run deep: Introducing John Deere
Concentrated expertise:Three of John Deere’s top managers, who are involved in the integration of the WIRTGEN GROUP, introduce themselves
Building the future together: The interplay of the complementary product portfolio

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FORUM 52 – This issue focuses on true closeness to our customers. Working together with its customers, the WIRTGEN GROUP develops solutions that make all the difference in practice.
Competence in concrete: WIRTGEN slipform pavers are anything but off-the-rail products.
Team. Works! VÖGELE fulfils the wish of its customer, Rask Brandenburg GmbH, for maximum flexibility.
Flying high: For the Eindhoven airport project, BAM Infra is placing its confidence exclusively in technology from HAMM.
Partners on equal footing: KLEEMANN has maintained an intensive exchange with Stingel Baustoffrecycling that paves the way to success.
Sharing success: BENNINGHOVEN: Hitthaller+Trixl invest in a cutting-edge asphalt mixing plant for infrastructure projects.

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FORUM 51 – this special issue focuses on the world‘s biggest trade fair. All the products and services pre-sented by the WIRTGEN GROUP at bauma 2016 are presented on this edition.
Complete: WIRTGEN: The largest and most innovative portfolio in the industry includes the right cold milling machine for every job.
For more quality in road construction: VÖGELE sets standards in asphalt paving.
Easy Drive: HAMM once again stood out as a trendsetter in compactor technology at bauma.
Solutions made to measure: KLEEMANN arrived in Munich with a whole series of innovations in processing technology.
Recycling to the max: BENNINGHOVEN: The largest exhibit presented in the WIRTGEN GROUP‘s exhibition area hit the mark with innovative technology that protects the environment

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Shaping the future: Interview with Stefan Wirtgen and Jürgen Wirtgen.
Down to the last detail: New replaces old: component branding.
All original: New spare and wear parts in original quality.
A good fit: A new look for our tried and true customer support.

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