Compaction technology

VÖGELE sets standards in compaction values during paving: cutting-edge technology and the most advanced materials guarantee the outstanding performance and reliability of VÖGELE compaction technology. This applies to all VÖGELE compacting systems, from vibrators all the way to the VÖGELE high compaction system with tamper and pressure bars.

This consists of the compacting systems tamper and vibrators and is already delivering convincing compaction values which are exceeded only by the VÖGELE high compaction system with pressure bars.

V is for vibrators: for optimum grain size distribution in the pavement

An eccentric vibrator makes the screed plate and frame vibrate to ensure optimum grain size distribution in the mix. This is a prerequisite for achieving a pavement with a particularly smooth surface texture. Just as with the tamper, vibration power can be controlled from the ErgoPlus screed console via the speed of the drive shaft.

T is for tamper: compaction with a precisely adjustable stroke

A correctly-set tamper is of key importance for the compaction result and for the floating behaviour of screeds. To this end, speed on all VÖGELE screeds can be adjusted accurately and easily.

SB 300 and SB 350 Fixed-Width Screeds, together with the two large AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds in the high compaction variants, also feature tamper stroke adjustment. This allows the tamper to be adjusted perfectly to suit the quantity and type of mix and the thickness of the pavement. Hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment is even available as an option on fixed-width screeds.