Wirtgen | World premiere of new small milling machine at Paving Expo 2022 in Brazil

The W 100 HR cold milling machine maximises efficiency in the one-metre class

With the new W 100 HR, Wirtgen presents a powerful one-metre class rear loader for cost-efficient cold milling. Designed and constructed with a particular focus on cost-efficiency, the new machine enables road construction of the highest standards and quality. The machine is available to customers in Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region and Russia. From 8 to 10 June in Sao Paulo, Brazil, visitors from all areas of the industry can experience the highlights of the small milling machine live at Paving Expo 2022.

Efficient milling performance at working widths from 1 to 1.3 metres

Both the W 100 HR and W 130 HR models feature a powerful and fuel-efficient engine with a rated output of 155 kW. It drives a newly developed milling drum with HT22 toolholders at any one of three preselectable milling drum speeds. This makes the machines the ideal choice for any number of potential applications. The two small milling machines impress with outstanding manoeuvrability and deliver precise milling results in even the tightest spaces. Their powerful all-wheel drive systems with selectable hydraulic flow dividers ensure consistently high traction and gradeability in all situations. With a speed of 8 km/h, the machines can be rapidly relocated and positioned on the construction site.

The Wirtgen W 100 HR offers high efficiency for a wide range of milling applications.

The Wirtgen W 100 HR offers high efficiency for a wide range of milling applications.

High-performance material loading and automatic functions for high productivity

The machines are designed to deliver high daily production rates with greatest possible efficiency. With a width of 400 mm, the high-performance belt conveyor transports large volumes of material to transport vehicles at a rate of up to 92 m3/h. The conveyor can be slewed by 25° to either side with the joystick of the machine’s intuitive operating concept. Automatic functions such as a load limitation regulator or a storage function for saving milling depth settings increase productivity, reduce the operator’s workload with standardised workflows, and make everyday work much easier.

Three milling drum speeds for different milling requirements

Depending on the specific requirements to be met and on-site conditions, the milling drum of the W 100 HR can be set to mill at three different speeds. Simply by pressing a button, the engine speed can be automatically regulated to deliver milling drum speeds of 1,800 rpm, 2,000 rpm, or 2,200 rpm. Setting 1 should be selected for low diesel fuel consumption and reduced pick wear, Setting 2 enables maximum milling performance in all situations, and Setting 3 should be chosen when surface quality requirements are particularly high. This enables the machine operator to decide which drum speed to use to deliver the best combination of productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness in every situation.

Precise levelling with LEVEL PRO PLUS

Developed by Wirtgen especially for cold milling machines, the LEVEL PRO PLUS levelling system is also available as an option for the W 100 HR. Fully integrated into the machine control system, the levelling system assures consistently precise milling depths. The high degree of automation reduces the operator’s workload and enables faster milling processes with consistently high quality.

Intelligent operating concept with armrest controls

During milling, the machine is controlled with the control elements integrated in the adjustable armrest of the operator’s seat. These enable, for example, hydraulic height adjustment at two different speeds. The controls for numerous essential machine functions are integrated in the ergonomically-designed, intuitively operable joystick and are therefore always at the operator’s fingertips when needed. The multifunctional display supports multiple languages and gives the operator a good overview of all process-relevant data, for instance with a digital milling depth indicator. An additional option available for the machine is a camera system comprising a camera for mounting at the end of the discharge conveyor and a ruggedised high-resolution monitor. This enables the operator to view the truck bed of the transport vehicle without having to turn aside from the machine’s direction of travel to look. Another important factor that increases safety as well as comfort and efficiency.

The one-metre class of small milling machines from Wirtgen feature a state-of-the-art operator’s cabin with armrest controls and a multifunctional display.

The one-metre class of small milling machines from Wirtgen feature a state-of-the-art operator’s cabin with armrest controls and a multifunctional display.

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