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Load-Bearing for
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Interview with Dr. Axel Mühlhausen,

HAMM Product Manager for Application Engineering

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Which factors need to be considered when it comes to soil stabilization?

"There are two main criteria. The first is that the binding agent and, if necessary, the added water must be thoroughly and homogeneously mixed into the soil. Second, the mixed materials must be compacted thoroughly and uniformly.

Soil stabilizers and tractor-towed stabilizers from WIRTGEN are ideally suited for mixing the soil, because the tractor-towed stabilizers (WS series) and soil stabilizers (WR series) are equipped with powerful milling and mixing rotors to mix the existing soil. They can also selectively add water via an injection bar. Finally, a pressurized scraper screeds the material evenly. This means that the machines produce a level surface that can be optimally compacted by rollers."

Which factors play a key role in compaction?

"Since the hydraulic binding agents can only be processed for a limited period of time, the soil must be compacted as soon as possible after mixing to stabilize it. Depending on the soil composition, the binding agent, and the ambient temperature, you have between 1.5 and 4 hours."

Does this mean that the compactors need to work fast?

"Yes. Compactors from HAMM are perfect for this job, offering not only the right operating weight and working width but also the necessary performance in other areas such as engine output, maneuverability, and off-road capability.

In addition, the effective depth of compaction is also important. HAMM’s heavy vibratory compactors can effectively compact layers up to 50 cm deep."

And how can you ensure that the machines compact the soil homogeneously?

"HAMM has developed the HCQ Navigator for this purpose. This intelligent system shows where and how often the soil has been compacted and whether the necessary level of compaction has been achieved. This also makes it very easy to document compaction by layer."

Where do you see synergies for customers?

"All soil stabilization operations can be carried out using WIRTGEN, HAMM, and STREUMASTER machines as well as graders from John Deere. In this context, customers can fully rely on the machines’ performance – and on the product range being perfectly tailored to the process. In addition, numerous special solutions are available for all aspects of soil treatment, such as the S-Pack soil stabilizer for dust-free work, the padfoot compactor for compacting soil with a high moisture content or the VC compactors with a tool changing system and the binding agent spreaders from our system partner STREUMASTER. Last but not least, our local colleagues’ expertise, which includes thorough advice from our experts, also plays an important role."