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Compactors with a Wide
Range of Applications

Interview with Dr. Axel Mühlhausen

HAMM Product Manager for Application Engineering

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Where are other applications for soil compactors found?

"Worldwide, because terrain is reshaped everywhere – for the construction of roads, dams, buildings, landfill ... and in the process, soil is often removed at one location and deposited at the other end of the area in order to create a level surface. In this context, graders and compactors generally work together hand in hand to grade and compact the deposited soil layer by layer. Outstanding compaction performance is one of the key success factors in this regard, as the areas being worked on are typically large, but the time window is often rather short."

Apart from performance, what other characteristics are relevant?

"The machines used on these kinds of construction sites are often in use for weeks at a time. This means aspects such as the economical use of consumables, reliability, and fast and straightforward maintenance are important to ensure the job is completed in a high-quality and cost-effective manner."

Tell us about the service and maintenance for these machines.

"The Wirtgen Group offers its customers comprehensive support through telematics solutions, remote maintenance, and service plans, even on construction sites “in the middle of nowhere” – far away from cities or repair shops. And it does so for all of its brands – from a single source."

Compactors with a VC crusher drum carry out 2 tasks simultaneously and to the highest quality standards: they crush rock and compact it at the same time. Compactors with a VC crusher drum carry out 2 tasks simultaneously and to the highest quality standards: they crush rock and compact it at the same time.

All in all, earthworks encompasses an extremely wide range of different requirements. Can you name a few more applications for HAMM compactors?

"One area is the construction of landfills and dams. Heavy compactors with considerable compaction power and excellent gradeability are required here. With its Hammtronic control system, the anti-slip control, and its design with large slope angles and powerful drives, HAMM has strong solutions in its portfolio.

The smaller compactors are often used in the construction of paths from unbound aggregates – with or without water. Our tyre or combination rollers are perfect candidates for these kinds of jobs, as they seal the surfaces through their kneading and milling effect.

In addition, a new generation of thrust plates has recently been developed for backfilling disused quarries with waste rock, which allows the compactors to be used particularly efficiently.Our add-on plate compactor for the compaction of non-cohesive building materials is also an interesting piece of equipment.

Because the requirements differ so widely all over the world, Hamm has an extremely varied product range with many models, versions, and options, each slightly different. In addition, we have numerous other machines in our portfolio for special tasks – far too many to mention here. In short: if you have an unconventional problem you are trying to solve, you should get in touch with one of our application consultants – we’re sure to have a solution. After all, we have been building compactors for standard and special jobs for over 100 years. "