Wirtgen America Technology Days 2015

Established in 1985, WIRTGEN AMERICA has been taking care of WIRTGEN GROUP customers on the North American continent for no less than 30 years now. From headquarters in Nashville, 35 dealers with over 250 locations — sales offices, workshops, spare parts warehouses and optimally trained personnel — provide a complete service for customers in the road construction and mining industries. In their work, they see themselves as reliable partners.

At the Technology Days event in April 2015, 1,000 guests from Alaska to Key West experienced a unique program focusing on the current technologies frorm WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM and KLEEMANN. Host of the event was WIRTGEN AMERICA in Nashville, Tennessee, headquarters of the WIRTGEN GROUP in the USA and Canada.

But the 30th anniversary of this WIRTGEN GROUP branch was not the only occasion to celebrate. "The growth we've seen in North America is tremendous. Three decades ago, we started out here with one machine; today, as a German manufacturer, we are the undisputed market leader for our core technologies in the USA and Canada, too," says Jürgen Wirtgen, Managing Partner of the WIRTGEN GROUP, describing his company's career on the North American continent.

Rising market success was accompanied by successive expansion of the sales and service network. Know-how is an important keystone on the way to such success. "Expertise is critical in our business and that's why we attach great importance to the continuous technical training of both our own team and our dealers. Our in-house training center is busy all year long. Naturally we also offer training programs for our customers' machine operators, and they frequently take advantage of the offer," explains Jim Mc Evoy, CEO Wirtgen America. At the event, visitors could see and experience what makes WIRTGEN so special: Its service-orientation, its continuous push for new technical solutions and its passion for road and mineral technologies. The enthusiasm at the live demonstration was unmistakable. With competence and a friendly approach, the experts from Wirtgen America presented their machines and technologies for subgrade construction, concrete paving with subsequent compaction, road rehabilitation and material recycling.

The demonstration also gave an impressive indication of how well the indivudual technologies from the WIRTGEN GROUP product brands complement one another, and of how the individual processes have been optimally intercoordinated. Presenting these technologies in action, the WIRTGEN GROUP showed just where its strengths lie: Each individual product brand presented technological innovations that together make up leading, complete solutions for economical road construction.

Following the example of the German brand headquarters at international events, the American representatives of the individual product brands also worked hand-in-hand during the superb presentation. Jürgen Wirtgen summarized what makes them such a strong team: "The will to create comprehensive, cross-brand solutions, with which our customers can work successfully — in North America and around the world."


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WIRTGEN AMERICA Inc., Nashville, is the North American headquarters of the WIRTGEN GROUP, the single-source marketer of the world's most technologically advanced lines of asphalt reclaiming/recycling, concrete slipform, and surface mining equipment from WIRTGEN, asphalt and soil compactors from HAMM, asphalt pavers from VÖGELE, and construction materials processing equipment from KLEEMANN.

Reinhard Wirtgen, founder of WIRTGEN GROUP, was honored as one of the "Top 100 Private Sector Transportation Design & Construction Professionals of the 20th Century" by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).

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