Training preventive maintenance

Learning objectives

Participants can assess the condition of all spare parts and wearing parts on Wirtgen Group machines, in order to ensure their timely replacement. The acquired knowledge enables the participant to organize preventive maintenance measures and consequently avoid unnecessary machine downtime. After the completion of training, the participant can also operate the Wirtgen Group information systems WIDOS, WITRAIN and Parts and More, and thus provide competent support, e.g. in locating requisite electrical or hydraulic circuit diagrams for rapid fault elimination, as well as ordering spare parts.

The participant learns to understand the interactions between wearing parts and machine advance rate/machine performance, for example. Thanks to this know-how, wearing parts can be replaced at the correct time, substantially improving the quality of the work results.

Failures of wearing parts on the machine can be detected at an early stage and thus minimized. Over the long term, the resultant increase in availability of the Wirtgen Group machines leads to a reduction in the operating costs.

Course content

  • Localization of wearing parts
  • Preventive machine maintenance
  • Minimization of undesired wear
  • Operation of Wirtgen Group information systems

Target group

  • Machine operators
  • Resource planning and procurement personnel
  • Workshop personnel
  • Service technicians


No prior knowledge necessary


Between one and two days, depending on target group

Information and registration

For further information please contact your Wirtgen Group sales and service company or authorized dealer.