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Construction progress of the WIRTGEN GROUP stand

Passion for growth

The ground-breaking ceremony for construction of the WIRTGEN GROUP's exhibition area in Munich took place on November 13, 2015. You can follow the progress made in construction work via our constantly updated fast-motion clip.

The WIRTGEN GROUP construction diary

Not only in the advancement of products and technologies the WIRTGEN GROUP shows its concentrated power. In the development of the exhibition area our team of employees from all five product brands are pulling together with passion end expertise for a successful trade fair experience. Join us in watching the construction project progress until the bauma pavilion is completed in April 2016.

I can hardly wait to enter the finished pavilion for the first time in April 2016 together with my colleagues. A real highlight!
Daniel Tiesler, WIRTGEN GROUP head of the project bauma 2016

The new WIRTGEN GROUP Corporate Identity enters the stand

The WIRTGEN GROUP logo represents most clearly the new corporate identity. The exhibits of all five product brands have already all been equipped down to the smallest detail with the new logo. Now the main pavillon also carries the new word and image trademark. Both on the white brand belt and on the back wall the new logo is placed very prominently and therefore visible already from a huge distance.

A slate grey logo on the white brand belt …

… and a white logo on the slate grey back wall create an exciting contrast.

The claim "CLOSE TO OUR CUSTOMERS - to the power of five" is added to the side wall of the main pavillon.

A WIRTGEN GROUP logo on the top of the BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plant in a height of approx. 50 meters assures the best long range effect.

Finals at the skywalk

White panels are attached to the underside of the skywalk and the running surface is covered with wooden planks. That is how the 360 ​​degree tour above the WIRTGEN GROUP exhibition area gains a certain lightness.

Special outdoor presentations

In addition to the technology centers of the five product brands, several special presentations are erected in the outdoor area. The special presentation cutting technology is built in an octagon and will give the visitor an understanding of the technology and advantages of the WIRTGEN core competence.

It's getting colorful

The outdoor area has been finally prepared, so the exhibits could be moved from their temporary storage and placed on the stand. In addition to the WIRTGEN GROUP slate grey with the exhibits of all five product brands now also the other brand colors are moving into the exhibition area.

An impressive portfolio of the product range from the Road and Mineral Technologies of the WIRTGEN GROUP is blazing at bauma in the new brand identity. For the first time, all machines are visible next to each other in the new uniform appearance. The synergies and the team nature of the individual brands and the group are thereby visually underpinned.

Super team - many thanks!

For the construction and preparation of the exhibits each product brand has sent a team of experienced and well-trained service technicians to Munich. Our men are defying every weather condition - from rain and snowfall up to double-digit sub-zero temperatures - and give their best for the optimum presentation of the products.

No bauma without these guys. Thumbs up for this commitment!


The complete month of March is entirely about implementation. Six weeks before bauma starts, the detailed planning is completed and realization in all sectors and projects is in full swing. Exhibits from all five product brands are arriving in Munich and are temporarily stored. The first design elements - the blank WIRTGEN GROUP brand pylons - have been erected at their planned locations on the exhibition area.

Floor plates on the 290 meters long skywalk allow a tour around the exhibition area already at this stage.

The 8 meters high brand pylons will be tagged with the new logo and will function as entrance to the WIRTGEN GROUP stand.

For the way up on the skywalk stairways are placed at each technology center …

… and the main pavillon.

Outdoor structure

Gardening and landscaping is progressing quickly. 324 pallets of concrete pavement are placed by the landscape designer in no time. Approximately 2,150 square meters of paved paths are now structuring the outdoor area and are giving an idea of what the product brand exhibit areas will finally look like.

With the MOBICAT MC 125 RR the first KLEEMANN exhibit arrived at the stand. Before the machine can be finally placed, several tonnes of gravel are spreaded at the intended space for the jaw crushing plant.

Working in lofty heights

The service technicians of the BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plants are used to work at maximum performance in great heights. For visitors it is always worth taking the way up and enjoying the view from the top of the mixing plant - doubly beautiful in bright sunshine.

From shell to a design object

The white brand belt is assembled and creates accents on the slate-grey wall of the main pavillon. Through the interplay with the diagonal windows an exciting dynamic is added to the external facade. A total of approximately 3900 square meters of panels for the external facade and 680 square meters of crash-secure glazing are installed.

Not only in customer relations the WIRTGEN GROUP relies on long term partnerships. The cooperation between the WIRTGEN GROUP and their service providers for bauma is well attuned after the successful implementation of several trade fair appearances. The organisation team uses every opportunity for a site visit, to stay up to date on site.

Daniel Tiesler (head of project bauma), Michael Hess (construction manager mac) und Martin Heitz (head of marketing WIRTGEN) inspecting the exhibition area.

An impressive comparison: Man against the 16 meters high main pavillon.

Inwards from the outside

The first structural steel work of the skywalk was placed in position at the end of January. Now the steel skeleton connects all technology centers with the main pavillon and can be fitted with base plates. The second level allows a view from above across the exhibits of all five product brands.

Hardly visible from the outside, interior work starts to breathe life into the main pavillon. Spatial separation is generated by lightweight walls. This is how offices and meeting rooms come into being. A total of approximately 3900 square meters of drywall and 680 square meters of crash-secure glazing are installed. Optimum climate control of the main pavillons will be ensured by miles long ventilation shafts and powerful air conditioners.

Individual rooms are constructed in the upper floors and will be occupied in a few weeks for the period of bauma.

Briefing: Site manager Dieter Kick discusses the next steps in the interior work with the service providers..

No stand without exhibits

The BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plant has according to its size the longest construction time and is since December 2015 at its right position. Now also the first WIRTGEN exhibits has left the plant in Windhagen and made his way to Munich.

The W 220 has been fully assembled at the factory and will be only refined on site.

Forward with leaps and bounds

This year's soft winter is meeting the demands of the construction team. The outer walls of the mail pavillon were already drawn up and the large windows installed. Right beside it the BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plant grew on approximately 12 meters height.

The slate-grey wall cladding follows the new CI and ensures recognition.

Large windows for sufficient transparency.

Seen from a distance, the 12 meters height of the asphalt mixing plant ist not really conspicuous.

From the worm's-eye view the dimension of the in the end 50 meters high exhibit is clearly recognizable.

The Technology Centers of the product brands also take their places. On about 100 square meters each product brand sets thematic priorities and complements the exhibits with detailed information on the WIRTGEN GROUP Road and Mineral Technologies.

The base frames and roofs have already been pulled in in bright sunshine.

Every product brand will create the 100-square-meter pavillon according to the presented technology.

Late January: Heights achieved

The service technicians of the BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plant have done a great job and quadrupled the height of the plant in about three weeks. The asphalt mixing plant type BA 4000 RPP is container style sized. Each container unit is preassembled, wired and piped up, making installation easy. Gangways around the plant and wide stairways allow for easy access. No visitor of the WIRTGEN GROUP stand ought to will miss the oppportunity of moving up to the highest point.

From 12 to 48 meters: Two and a half months before bauma the highest exhibit of the WIRTGEN GROUP already impresses with its height.

Erwin Billen (BENNINGHOVEN), Daniel Tiesler (head of the project bauma 2016) and Lars Henrich (head of marketing at BENNINGHOVEN) convince themselves on site from the great advances of the construction team.

Laying foundations

Our exhibits are real heavyweights. The range extends from 1.5 tons for a HAMM HD 8 VV roller to 620 tons for a BENNINGHOVEN BA 4000 RPP asphalt mixing plant. Sound foundations are consequently essential and present a special challenge.

Foundations weighing a total of 700 tons ensure that the ground is adequately stable.

Site manager Dieter Kick alongside the foundations, illustrating the difference in size.

Record-breaking heights

Easy to locate: the WIRTGEN GROUP can be spotted from afar at bauma 2016. For the first time, the main pavilion will have three stories and the about 50 meter high BENNINGHOVEN asphalt mixing plant will be the tallest exhibit ever presented at the WIRTGEN GROUP stand.

16 meters above the ground, the third storey of the main pavilion will accommodate the special presentation devoted to customer support.

The first steel supports for the asphalt mixing plant are set in the corresponding foundations.

Ground-breaking ceremony

When building a house, the ground is broken with a hand-held spade. In keeping with the size of the pavilion, however, the WIRTGEN GROUP needs nothing less than an excavator. With a total exhibition area of 11,712 square meters, the area developed in the coming months will be no less than 1,152 square meters bigger than at bauma 2013.

The first excavator started to break the ground on November 13, 2015, transforming a green field into an earthy base for the pavilion.

"With a well practised team, that is no problem at all," says site manager Dieter Kick (v.l. Manfred Resch (Fa. Max Bögl), Christian Weber (BENNINGHOVEN), Dieter Kick (WIRTGEN), Martin Perzlmeier (Fa. Max Bögl), Georg Gartner (Fa. Schenker)).

Planning completed

The planning for bauma 2016 started the moment that bauma 2013 ended. After all, post-bauma is also pre-bauma!
From being simply our neighbor in 2013, BENNINGHOVEN is now not only fully integrated into the Group but also enhances our pavilion as the fifth product brand of the WIRTGEN GROUP at bauma 2016.

Two dimensions now become three: After months of planning everything down to the very last detail, the project is now being implemented in Munich.

The team headed by site manager Dieter Kick started with the implementation on November 13, 2015.